Hear No Evil by Matthew Paul Turner

I don’t know Matthew Paul Turner. I’ve never talked to him nor have I ever met him—but I now feel like he’s my BFF! Reading Hear No Evil is literally like having a conversation with your best friend. It’s full of comfort, humor and extreme awkwardness, and that’s only the first couple of pages.

Why I love this book so much is because I found myself squirming around, at times getting upset at what Turner was saying and then at the same time realizing that he’s telling my Christian story. I was so uncomfortable because it’s hard to read your own life mirrored in a book by a guy you don’t know. And yet, there it is, in ink right in front of my own eyes.

Turner is known on his widely read blog, Jesus Needs New PR, as offering satirical commentary on faith and culture, and that doesn’t stop in Hear No Evil. Using his life and experiences growing up in an extreme fundamental Baptist church all the way to getting plugged in with a tongue-speaking rock star type charismatic movement (p.164-167 about a ‘prophetess praying for Turner’s indigestion in a TGI Friday restaurant’ was the funniest stuff I’ve ever read in any book in my life. Ever! Guess it’s that life of an insider charismatic that really get me, because it is me!).

So for an extremely fun, extremely uncomfortable book that you will enjoy from start to finish, Hear No Evil: My Story of Innocence, Music and the Holy Ghost is the one to read!

Much love.


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  • mpt

    Thank you, Andrew. Means a lot.

  • Andrew, I just finished Turner’s book Churched: One Kid’s Journey Toward God Despite a Holy Mess this past weekend and had a similar reaction to it (though I was not raised in an independent, fundamentalist Baptist church). I recommend Churched (for a hilarious, eye-opening, jaw-dropping look at fundamentalism) and look forward to reading Hear No Evil.

  • Hi Andrew,
    Have you read Matthew’s book Churched? That book is wonderful! I haven’t gotten to read his new one yet, but I hope to.

  • This is one of my favorite books! I remember reading it in bed one night and laughing so hard that I worried I would wake up my husband (no real worries-he sleeps like a log!) I loved Matthew’s honesty and his humor. In fact, I’m asking my 16 year-old to read it as well to help round out her sheltered home school life. I think we’ll have an enjoyable time talking about it!