Learn What it Means to Dialogue!

Ok, I’m over people thinking that it’s ok to call other people (and lately which have frequently been directed to me) names. It’s not ok that some people’s first resort is to call names. STOP IT!

I’ve never, not once, ever, called anyone a name on this blog. No matter what is said to me, I’ve never called anyone a name. Not once.

I understand this blog is unique in the fact that each day we talk about divisive topics that bring out the worst polarization in people – people who read and comment come from all shades that make up faith and sexuality. But there is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between constructively disagreeing (recently, see Jon’s comments here on a great example of disagreement) and just name calling. I’m not going to deal with it anymore. This blog is a place to intentionally come together to live in the tension of what is faith, sexuality and culture.

Then do it. I treat everyone on this blog with respect, do the same. And Respect does not equal Agree. You’re allowed to disagree! I encourage it. I’m not a ‘yes-man’ type of guy. All I’m asking is that some people out there realize what a productive disagreement looks like and start doing it. That is living in the tension – constructive tension. Name calling does no good. Stop it. Grow up. Respect diverse opinions and work within each of them.

99% of all comments are all good. But for that 1%, I just won’t put up with being personally insulted anymore. I don’t moderate comments on this blog because everyone’s voice is so important to this bridge building work, but just so everyone knows, if you comment and name-call I will delete your comment asap and won’t think twice about it. I don’t want to ‘ban’ people, so you can re-write it without insults if you want and re-post. But I don’t care how great a point you might make or how long it took you to write it, if there is a personal insult in there it’s done.

Respect the journey.

Much love.


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