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My Talk from Q Conference 2010

So a day after I land from England I had to speak at the one-of-a-kind Q Conference, which was being held in Chicago this year (I took the picture above from my phone as I was about to go on stage). I was very humbled that Q’s founder, Gabe Lyons, asked me to share some thoughts [Read More…]

No More False Promises from England…

Ok, so I’m finally admitting to myself (albeit at the end of the trip) that I’m not going to get to updating you with all of the fun stories and moving experiences until I get back home and am on my blogging routine again. I’m sorry I’ve lied to myself and you all for the [Read More…]

Hilarious Video!

This is too funny, for real. Looks like British humor can actually be funny Much love. [Read more…]

Another Unreal Review

Don’t know how I missed this one either! Guess life goes on when you’re in another country… I’m blessed to have read this. The conversation over there is poppin’! Rachel Held Evans wrote this review. I have never met her, but I continue to hear great things about her upcoming book. Holla! Much love. [Read more…]

Awesome Review of my Book & Interview

The ever-present and big-time blogger Nicole Wick got a hold of my book, read it, loved it, interviewed me about it (and asked me 2 questions I’ve never been asked before), and out came this! Soooo cool. Much love. [Read more…]

England Update … More to Come!

Hello everyone! Wow, what a last 2 weeks…and I still have one more to go. I am sooo sorry for not blogging everyday, every other day, or even once a week. Ouch. The original schedule I had been given for my first two weeks was the following: Spring Harvest Tour (Dates, Locations and Event): April [Read More…]

Interview with Nathan Albert

The Marin Foundation’s Director of Pastoral Care, Nathan Albert, will be speaking at the Micah 6:8 Conference being held at Park Community Church from June 4-5. Earlier today, Tim Schraeder  posted the interview on mercy, justice, and the GLBT community that he conducted with Nathan in anticipation for the upcoming conference. You can check out the interview Here. [Read More…]

England Tour: Days 1-2

When I got to the airport everything went smooth. The gate was C21, and that’s sweet for me because Concourse C is where my favorite Chinese food is located. Excited as I was, I got to sprint towards my Chinese place and down a bunch of my favorite Orange Chicken with white rice! There is [Read More…]

England Here I Come…

After spending the last two days celebrating Brenda’s 30th(!) birthday, I leave this afternoon for my Bridge Building England Tour until April 26th. Here is the schedule for public speaking engagements: Spring Harvest Tour (Dates, Locations and Event): April 5 (Minehead) – afternoon lecture April 6 (Minehead) – afternoon church service, evening panel participant April 8 [Read More…]

Graphic Designers: I Need Help!

To all my homies who read this blog, The Marin Foundation needs some cool swag: Sw ‘ AAG: Sweet looking T-Shirts with a clever design and slogan to wear everywhere! I have absolutely zero artistic ability! So I am calling on your help. If you, or you know of someone who loves designing stuff like [Read More…]