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A clearinghouse for all things religion of every variety, Patheos, recently asked me to write an article for them on a new medium of engagement between the gay community and evangelicals. Here it is. Also, here is the page where you can find the 4 other articles that were written in their GLBT/evangelical series during the month of April.

Much love.

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  • glad you had this opportunity – i was dissatisfied with the first series of posts they offered in april.

  • Biobig

    Hey, it’s a great day today. Out lesbian Mary Glasspool is being consecrated as an asstant bishop in the Episcopal church, Los Angeles diocese today. Coincidentally, lesbian and gay pride weekend in Long Beach, CA, where this ceremony is being held starts today too! Episcopal church says this is just a coincidense, but I say it is the voice of god in this, celebrating with all her queer people the elevation of a lesbian to chess piece status 🙂 Now we have a queen (most powerful piece on the board) and a bishop. Knights, well I’ve met a lesbian knight in shining armor or two, Joan of Arc comes to mind, and pawns, we don’t know who pawns are, but they can be transformed into any piece on the board.

    I believe the Episcopal church’s website will air this ceremony and have it recorded for all those who want to see this amazing event. Not one but TWO women are now bishops in Los Angeles. You know, sometimes you’re just so happy, you smile all day long!