Real Life. Real Love. Real Difficult.

I don’t want to clog any of what will be said with my words.

PLEASE READ THIS. (and the comment on the link by Jesse, who was also there)

If you have ever wondered about the work of The Marin Foundation, our Living in the Tension gatherings or what we’re all about – the above link will answer them all (maybe not to your satisfaction, but surely to mine).

Much love.

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  • Love it. Love it. Love it. I’ve been a fan of TMF for a couple years now. I’m happy to continue my support of your ministry!

  • Bart Wang

    Bart tried the link but was given as ‘server not found’ error. Is it right?

    • Bart – I just clicked on it and it worked. Not sure what the prob is…if you try again and it doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll re-link it. Thanks! 🙂

      • Bart Wang

        Maybe it’s just Bart’s computer but he cannot access no matter how he tries. Hmmm…

        And since he has your attention, Andrew, can you recommend any good books that go through the Scriptural references that get thrown around in the ‘sexual orientation’ discussions/attacks? The Wang purchased ‘Lesbos, Narcissus, and Paulos’ by Dr. Hal Brunson. Big mistake. Within a couple seconds of flipping through the pages, he could see it was brutal and not what he wanted. It will be returned.

        • Bart – I would love to give you some references from both ends of the spectrum. Quick question though – how indepth do you want it to be…like mainstream accessable or seminary level?

          • Bart Wang

            The Wang would like both, please and thank you. He likes to pretend to be intelligent some days and the academic books will look good on his shelf at the very least . Thanks!

  • Jodi

    That’s awesome Andrew!

    Here’s a copy of the comment I left: I think the “program” gets in the way of worship services, small groups and just about every other kind of ministry. I create alternate/experiential worship, and I’ve been trying to get my home church to allow me to create something for them – for free. They are hesitant because they can’t figure out how to program something that doesn’t have a set program. They control the responses of the people at each worship service, small group, etc. and letting people experience God and communicate with God in their own with the guidance of some experience leaves them feeling threatened. So people come each week and walk back out the doors without having a chance to respond or be changed. It’s very frustrating, but it’s encouraging to know that someone is doing “Church” instead of programmed ministry.