Video of me speaking at Mariners Church – Irvine, CA

Lumen 1.30 – Andrew Marin from mariners church on Vimeo.

This video was from two weekends ago while I was quite sick. I’m just happy my body and voice lasted. What did you think of the 3 suggestions to engaging the LGBT/conservative Christian conversation?

Much love.

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  • wackywilliams

    thank you so much for posting this video when you did! #1 I just got internet up again about a week ago & #2 my paster was descussing with me a couple of months ago, that is sister who is a lesbein had invited him to there wedding & he was struggling with how to handle it becuse for one he has two kids under 4yrs old & two wasn’t sure was biblelicly right in the situation, he didn’t wan’t to condone what they were doing but wanted to suport his sister & wasn’t even sure weather to give a gift for both or give them seprite ones. he had emaild a cople of people from seminary that he trusted but wasn’t getting any practical feedback so he asked me what I thought & I sugessted some things you had said previsly about just loveing people where there at & remined him that he him self said he was called to love those that other churches wanted nothing to do with & here was his chance. I also sugesste your blog & book but wasn’t sure if he found anything that could be applied but this dead on spoke to his conundrum & querys! I sent it drectly to him. thank you so much for willing to put yourself on the front lines so us little sideliners can navigate the mine filds of life as a conservitive christion that just wants to be like Jesus & love as he loved.

    • wackywilliams

      oh sorry frogot to answer your question, I really liked the three sugestions alot, it helped me alot on how better to aproch the subject when it presents it’s self. love you & miss you man!