Drat! No Rapture. We’re All Still Here…

Bummer. It’s now officially past 6pm Central Time and I’m (and everyone I know in person or via the web, or everyone I’ve ever heard of) is still here. I really had my hopes set on Heaven! Looks like I’ll just have to refocus my hope once again on what it means to live the daily grind trying to be as faithful as possible in bringing and establishing Heaven here on earth.

Maybe one day soon we’ll actually be raptured and spend eternity in the real Heaven together? But until then, let’s keep on keeping on seeking the Lord’s will and being the hand’s and feet of Jesus in the here and now as best as we know how.

Signing off a little frustrated from my first non-rapture post…


Much love.

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  • Glad to be still here with you, Andrew. 🙂

  • Well – we have the proof that they were 100% wrong on that one. Hasn’t happened yet, but one of these days I’m confident we’ll have the proof that a whole bunch of religious folks have been very wrong on what the Bible and God have to say about LGBT people also.

  • Turns out Camping’s calculations were a bit off. Now he’s saying it will occur in October, so there’s still time to make yourself Rapture-ready.

  • SheilaG

    The very best and funniest gay cartoon take on the rapture is on the JesusInLove.org blog — not to be missed, it if fall down funny. And you should all look into the adventures of Wonderella… lots more funny…