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Protected: Pride Parade Reflection

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. [Read more…]

6/21 Living in the Tension

We will be gathering tonight to prepare for our presence at the Chicago Pride Parade. If you plan on attending the parade with us, we ask that you come by the gathering on 5255 N. Ashland Ave. in Room 120 at 7pm. If you ordered a t-shirt for the event, you can pick it up [Read More…]

The Endangered Art of Theological Humility

The following post was written by Kevin Harris, Director of Community Relations at The Marin Foundation. What often happens to be missing in conversations about faith & homosexuality is not just tact and love, (take a quick look at just about any comments sections after a blog post on homosexuality and the bible) but humility. [Read More…]

Living in the Tension with Jay Bakker

Our next Living in the Tension gathering at Roscoe’s (3356 N. Halsted St.) on July 6th at 7pm will feature Jay Bakker. Jay Bakker, author and co-pastor of Revolution NYC, a church that meets at a bar in Brooklyn will be sharing about his personal journey with his parents and faith and about his recent book [Read More…]

The ‘Sissy Boy’ Experiment

For the last few nights, CNN aired “The Sissy Boy Experiment,” an Anderson Cooper 360 special three-part series. The investigative series looked at a government funded study at UCLA’s gender identity clinic in the 1970s headed up by George Rekers aimed at making effeminate boys more masculine. Kirk Murphy was placed in the study at [Read More…]

A Society of Fences

The following post was written by Nathan Albert, Director of Pastoral Care at The Marin Foundation. I took a walk through my hometown the other day. It’s enjoyable as an adult to relive childhood memories. As I walked, I realized fences are everywhere. Our family didn’t have a fence around our yard. We lived on [Read More…]

Monday June 6 Living in the Tension

As we will be hosting a large youth group of 15-17 year-old students tonight for our Living in the Tension gathering, we will be closing the group to the public. Our apologies as we have never closed the LITT gatherings to the public before, but as we will be talking with them and their youth [Read More…]

Lesson for Bridge Building

[Drat! For whatever reason the video isn’t embedding, so just click here to see it] Too often we all just take our bats and keep beating each other … neither is breaking. ‘Breaking’ isn’t the point. At least it’s not supposed to be. Are we going to keep trying, which will get us no where, or are we going [Read More…]

Please Read This…

My great friend Kelly Pope gave me this in much needed encouragement: Teddy Roosevelt was speaking to a group of students in France at the Sorbonne (University of Paris), and this is part of what he had to say to them: “It is not the critic who counts; not the one who points out how [Read More…]

June 1: My One Sentence Bible

What is My One Sentence Bible? 6-1-11: We must always keep our hearts and minds open to the Holy Spirit’s silent revelations that we might know the Lord. Luke 9:18-21 Suffering is more than just pain; it’s also knowing you have been rejected by those who are supposed to be a part of your team. [Read More…]