The ‘Sissy Boy’ Experiment

For the last few nights, CNN aired “The Sissy Boy Experiment,” an Anderson Cooper 360 special three-part series. The investigative series looked at a government funded study at UCLA’s gender identity clinic in the 1970s headed up by George Rekers aimed at making effeminate boys more masculine. Kirk Murphy was placed in the study at age 5 as a result of his mother’s thoughts about his gender expression and along with a closer look into the therapy and those involved, Kirk’s family speaks out about the therapy and the impact that it had on his development and life. You can click on the screen shots below to view the videos.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Much love.

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  • These guys are “experimenting” with the lives of children, but pretend that they have no responsibility when they ruin lives and the people who they experimented on end up killing themselves. This reminds me of what the Nazis did in using humans for experiments, and someday I believe what these guys are doing will be seen in a similar light.

    My gay friends who have excellent “Gaydar” laugh hysterically when George “rent boy” Rekers says his rent boy was hired just to carry his luggage and that Rekers himself is not gay. In their opinion, one must be outrageously gullible to believe that explanation.

    Isn’t it interesting when fellows like Rekers, who worked or currently work with “reparative therapy” with gay boys and teens get caught with rent boys in Europe and we discover who they really are? Are these the people to whom anyone would want to entrust their sons?

  • Marin is not accountable
    • Kevin Harris

      Yes, that is a book review of ‘Love is an Orientation” by Wesley Hill. Does it have something to do with “The ‘Sissy Boy’ Experiment’ post at hand or is there a reason for posting it?

    • It is notable that Wesley Hill who reviews Andrew Marin’s book writes for Christianity Today Magazine — a magazine whose editors personally admitted to me many years ago that what they publish must adhere to their readers’ presuppositions and ideologies in order to be printed; factual accuracy not being primary. Wesley Hill proposes only one way for GLBT Christians: celebacy. While that may be the calling for Mr. Hill, it biblically is seen as a special gift or calling. Most Christian Gays I know don’t have that gift. Furthermore, by elevating traditions of the community of faith as the criteria for GLBT affirmation the argument for only celebacy is put on a slippery slide to extinction as more and more of the Christian community see no biblical contradictions in affirming loving gay relationships.

  • My God.

    I don’t even know what else to say.

  • charlie noble

    i am not able to formulate this comment such that it will be examined as a valid observation… there is no such thing as gay or homosexual!… the oral manifestations during ‘sex’ does not define a person at all… to say that one person (female) is ‘normal’ and another person (male) is different or abnormal based on their enjoying the same act is something that i have been unable to a understand or accept… oral sex is enjoyable… it is not a symptom of some psychological disorder…

  • RP

    Thanks for posting this clear story of child abuse in the name of religion masquerading as science. Isn’t it interesting that Fundamentalism of any and all religions is so quick to cite scientific evidence when it agrees with their literalistic world-view but so quick to discard science when it runs counter to Fundamentalism’s desired outcome. I wonder if the “Christian” book publishers who loved the abusive experiments of George Reker are ready to apologize for publishing the hypocritical falsehoods of an anti-gay zealot who finally got exposed for what he is — one of “THEM.”

  • Christy A.

    Because children growing up gay don’t have enough to deal with, trying to feel normal, trying to find a safe place, struggling with self image and bullying…