Article I wrote for the Journal of Political Theology

Recently I was asked to write an article for the Journal of Political Theology. This academic journal is the world’s premier journal about the intersection of politics and theology, and members of its editorial board include Cornel West, Miroslav Volf and Walter Brueggeman, among many other well respected and notable commentators and theologians in the world of politics and religion. The article I wrote, that was peer reviewed and published this month, is:

Winner Take All? – A Political and Religious Assessment of the Culture War between the LGBT Community and Conservatives

You can download it for free here. 

I used this amazing opportunity to dive into some new realms of the intersection of theology, social construction and politics. I really look forward to hearing what you all think about it.

Much love.

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  • Great editorial. Just finished “Love is an Orientation” and it was amazing. Challenging but amazing! We as evangelicals do need to elevate the conversation while learning to truly and sincerely engage the GLBT community. This book is a game changer for me personally. Like your shampoo bottle says “Lather rinse repeat” this is a book you should read, then reread!

  • Interesting read, Andrew.

    Re: you section of President Obama, I agree that the GLBT communities have put some unrealistic expectations on his presidency and have been let down. However, a lot of that is Obama’s doing. He promised DADT repeal early and really shouldn’t have had any problem acting on this early in his first term, given the Democratic control over both houses of Congress and the overwhelming public support of that repeal. Instead, he hemmed and hawed and eventually had that task pushed by activists and accomplished by Congress against Obama’s sluggish time table. If he’d had his way, we wouldn’t be looking at DADT’s repeal next month. That’s just one situation. The president likes to step back and forth with his GLBT allies. One moment he’s giving us a bone, then next he’s ripping it from our teeth. We notice it and other Democratic constituencies notice this. And that’s ultimately going to affect his supporters’ sense of enthusiasm during the upcoming election (among other issues, of course).

    As far as his cultural and religious background, don’t forget where Obama and his family worshipped for 20 years before quitting mid-election following public problems with his now-former pastor: Trinity United Church of Christ. Trinity is one of the largest UCC churches and you note that the UCC is one of five mainstream Christian churches that have come out in full favor of GLBT inclusion, including marriage rights and rites. Many local UCC churches might disagree with the UCC’s gay-affirming beliefs, but Trinity UCC isn’t one of those churches. Plus, Obama was in favor of gay and lesbian marriages many years ago going as far back, I believe, as the mid-90s. His opinion on marriage might currently be evolving, but apparently it devolved in the more recent past.

    -Jon (who supported for Hillary Clinton at the Iowa Caucaus nearly four years ago, FWIW)