Audio: My Recent Sermon on Community

This past Sunday I preached both services at Restore Community Church in Liberty, MO, just outside of Kansas City. The series was on Poverty in Your Own Backyard, and they asked me to preach on Poverty of Community. I thought the only way to understand what a poverty of community is, one must first understand the ideal of community. So that is what I preached on.
What do you all think about community, and my analysis of it?
Much love.

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  • I feel kind of funny commenting… a while back you wrote about people not needing to go to Africa because there were people in their own neighbourhoods that needed them. And you were right. But I *do* live in Africa (from San Francisco, originally). And I make no apologies. God did move me here. I never wanted South Africa, with the highest AIDS, TB, violent crime and rape rates in the world.

    Four years later, I have fallen in love with the nation. I have battled with my Western mindset as I try to live in a non-Western setting. I have wept more than I ever did in my life. I had an affair… with a woman… after 16 years of marriage to a man. I held people and cried with them – people whose CD4 counts were 4 – 4! – a number most Americans would find shocking. I realised what a spoiled, judgmental hypocrite I’ve been for most of my life. And I’ve lost more friends to death than ever before.

    And in the midst of my shame, humiliation and struggle to fit in… I begin to realise just what community means. What brokenness means. What humility means. What unconditional love means. Who Jesus is. And how “wrong” I’ve gotten Him for most of my life.

    I appreciated your analysis of community so much. I think it was spot on. It gives me hope. Thank you.