Wrongology and its Necessity in Contemporary Society

This talk is amazing… It’s about how people groups end up vilifying others who don’t agree with them. I totally believe she has nailed this thing right on point. It’s well worth the 17 minutes.

Much love.


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9 responses to “Wrongology and its Necessity in Contemporary Society”

  1. Wow.. If she’s the Lilith Fair of current day philosophy she failed. She uses Descartes (a modern day philosopher) as an example and sides with a prehistoric religious skewed ancient philosopher…. then uses these examples as a basis for lazy thinking and justification, while attacking a present day conservative President (blaming him) in justification for… what? What’s the point. I clicked on “love is an orientation” and found a slow-speaking (so we can all grasp her intelligent *giggle* words) and find a sympathizer for lazy thought. I guess we are supposed to give way to lazy thinkers that clutter society and don’t know history.
    Oh well.

    • Descartes was born in 1596, so I would hardly call him a “modern day” philosopher. She didn’t “blame” Bush, but rather stated he made a mistake. Her entire presentation was against “lazy thought.” Lazy thought is what leads to the 3 reactions she mentioned as bad.

  2. I think its ironic “M” that you judge this speaker for engaging in lazy thought when you are too lazy to complete your own thought. I truly dislike drive by commenters—the ultimate example of laziness and cowardice.