Wrongology and its Necessity in Contemporary Society

This talk is amazing… It’s about how people groups end up vilifying others who don’t agree with them. I totally believe she has nailed this thing right on point. It’s well worth the 17 minutes.

Much love.


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  • Read the book….WELL worth the price! Pure genius.

    • I’m going to have to do that! What she said was ah-mazing, and I totally think she’s dead on.

  • M.

    Wow.. If she’s the Lilith Fair of current day philosophy she failed. She uses Descartes (a modern day philosopher) as an example and sides with a prehistoric religious skewed ancient philosopher…. then uses these examples as a basis for lazy thinking and justification, while attacking a present day conservative President (blaming him) in justification for… what? What’s the point. I clicked on “love is an orientation” and found a slow-speaking (so we can all grasp her intelligent *giggle* words) and find a sympathizer for lazy thought. I guess we are supposed to give way to lazy thinkers that clutter society and don’t know history.
    Oh well.

    • Lee

      I think you missed the point.

      • M.

        I think you missed her goal.

    • E.

      Descartes was born in 1596, so I would hardly call him a “modern day” philosopher. She didn’t “blame” Bush, but rather stated he made a mistake. Her entire presentation was against “lazy thought.” Lazy thought is what leads to the 3 reactions she mentioned as bad.

  • Jack Harris

    I think its ironic “M” that you judge this speaker for engaging in lazy thought when you are too lazy to complete your own thought. I truly dislike drive by commenters—the ultimate example of laziness and cowardice.

    • Frank

      I thought M nailed pretty precisely.

      • Jack Harris

        then you dont require much of an explanation lol