From Food Stamps to Speaking at the White House

Back in February I had the opportunity to speak on human sexuality at the White House, and then later that day also speak on bridging opposing worldviews fighting to dictate cultural normalcy, at the US State Department. On the flight back to Chicago I got to thinking how in the world does one go from qualifying for food stamps for three years to having an opportunity to work with this type of government folks towards a change of cultural consciousness in such intense disconnected places? This video, which I’ve sat on for quite a while, is my brief analysis.

Much love.

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  • Tim Lueck

    Andrew, loved your message. Loved your book. One question, what are three things you do to love your neighbors. I want to love the neighbors in 55060.

  • Great synopsis, Andrew. Loved the morsels you got from Dr. Perkins about loving your neighborhood. Spot on, brother! Keep on keepin’ on.

  • Wow profound. Execution is key. Love the biblical truths you stand on!!!!! Love ya brother