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Part 3: Chris on Working with Mutilated Child Soldiers in Sierra Leone

Today we are continuing the interview with Chris Heuertz (his Facebook and Twitter) on his new, vulnerable book, Unexpected Gifts. In case you missed them, check out both Part 1 (my overview of the book) and Part 2 (the beginning lessons of living with Mother Teresa). Andrew: In this book you tell a powerful story [Read More…]

Part 2: What Chris Heuertz Learned from Years Living with Mother Teresa

Yesterday in Part 1 I gave an overview of Chris Heuertz’s (his Facebook and Twitter) new book, Unexpected Gifts. Chris has been kind enough to answer a few questions about some of the key portions (at least in my mind) of his book. Today’s question is about his experience moving to India, having Mother Teresa [Read More…]

Jan 29: My One Sentence Bible

  What is My One Sentence Bible? People who don’t want to see good being done in the most unique of places keep asking the same trapping questions hoping someone will give in to their “correct” way of thinking. [John 9:1-28] When haters’ opinions are proven wrong their go-to recourse is name calling and blame [Read More…]

Part 1: Unexpected Gifts by Chris Heuertz

I love Chris Heuertz. I really do. I think he’s not only brilliant, but truly a man of integrity that lives out everything he writes and speaks about. Chris’ previous book, Friendship at the Margins, is one of my favorite books of all time. As a person who reads around 50 or so books a year [Read More…]

Jan 28: My One Sentence Bible

  What is My One Sentence Bible? In Jesus’ eyes there is an equality of humanity and an equality of sin. [John 8:31-36] Those who do not embrace the journey of Jesus and the mystery of God only have room to cast others out. [John 8:37-47] When people who have an inflated self-assessment get confused, [Read More…]

Jan 27: My One Sentence Bible

  What is My One Sentence Bible? When haters don’t get their way they accuse everyone around them, even their own people, of being in a conspiracy theory. [John 7:45-52] Religious gatekeepers use vulnerable people in difficult situations to try and theologically trap those following Jesus. Don’t give in; just keep loving. [John 7:53-8:11] There [Read More…]

Jan 26: My One Sentence Bible

  What is My One Sentence Bible? Those who doubt your good work will always try to drag you into a public debate. Don’t give in; keep doing your good work in private until the time is right. [John 7:1-10] No matter how clearly you describe the principles of which you engage your culture, because [Read More…]

Living in the Tension Gathering – Mon Jan 28

For our upcoming Living in the Tension gathering on Monday, January 28th, we will be watching the documentary (A)sexual. The documentary features interviews with and a look into the lives of many individuals that would describe themselves as asexual, or a person that experiences no sexual attraction. Living in a culture fixated on sex, individuals in [Read More…]

Jan 24: My One Sentence Bible

  What is My One Sentence Bible? Just because you don’t like how someone answered your question doesn’t mean you didn’t get a response. [John 6:41-59] The more intense a challenge, the quicker people are to complain about it and then leave. [John 60-66] Very few ride or die. [John 6:67-71] Much love.   [Read More…]

Speaking in Troy, Michigan Jan 23

For those of you who live in or around Troy, Michigan, I’ll be speaking at Kensington Community Church’s midweek service tonight, Wednesday Janurary 23rd, starting at 7pm. Their address is: 1825 E. Square Lake Road Troy, MI 48085 If you’re somewhere else, you can watch the live stream here starting at 7pm EST. Hope to [Read More…]

Jan 23: My One Sentence Bible

  What is My One Sentence Bible? The Lord always finds a way to feed those that are hungry. [John 6:5-13] Jesus wanted nothing to do with power given by man. [John 6:14-15] Fear, confusion and unanswered questions are made complete in God’s one request: Believe in the one who was sent. [John 6:16-40] Much [Read More…]

Recent Article I Wrote for Leadership Journal

Below is the recent article I was asked to write by Leadership Journal, on an overview of the Louie Giglio situation with an eye towards the juxtaposition between Evangelicals and the public square. It has since been posted on their blog, Out of Ur. You can see the original posting here. Why the Giglio Debacle isn’t the end [Read More…]

Jan 22: My One Sentence Bible

What is My One Sentence Bible? There is no separation between the love of God, and the work and life of Jesus. [John 5:19-30] Stop asking me about myself because you’ll never belief what I say. If you want to know the truth, ask someone else who knows me to testify on my behalf. [John [Read More…]

MLK’s Impact on The Marin Foundation

One simple, yet profound phrase of Martin Luther King Jr, has spurred on a movement through the work of The Marin Foundation. [Read more…]