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Moving and Coming Out

The following post is from Trista L. Carr, Psy.D. Dr. Carr is a Clinical Psychologist and has a private practice in San Francisco, CA. She completed her doctorate in clinical psychology at Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA, where she was a research assistant for the Institute for the Study of Sexual Identity. She obtained an [Read More…]

That Jerk….Beloved

The following post was written by Kevin Harris. Kevin serves as the Administrative Assistant and Director of Community Relations at The Marin Foundation.   ‘They’ does not exist A constructed ‘other’ to rally the troops And God knows it works Every movement needs a devil Someone to project my own demons onto Someone to blame [Read More…]

Dreaming :: An Acts to Grind.

This post is written by Michael Kimpan, our Associate Director at The Marin Foundation. Peter had just done the impossible. He healed a paralyzed man simply by speaking the name of Jesus. Shortly thereafter he told a dead girl to wake up, and she did. Everyone in town believed. Some thought Peter himself was worthy [Read More…]

The Cost of Being a Bridge Builder Between LGBTs and the Church

The following post was written by Andrew Marin, President & Founder of The Marin Foundation. I feel the costs of the corporate LGBT and Church disconnect have been well documented for what this culture war has left in its wake. The broader LGBT community’s retelling of this story, in most cases, has the Bride acting [Read More…]

Living in the Tension Gathering – Mon. 3/11

This past week, a document titled ‘Report on eliminating Gender Stereotypes in the EU (European Union)’ was introduced on International Women’s Day. The report was put together with the intention of advocating for effective sanctions on the companies and individuals promoting the sexualization of girls. The report caused an uproar across the blogosphere as some believe [Read More…]

The Story.

This post is written by Michael Kimpan, The Marin Foundation’s new Associate Director. Read his thought provoking blog, hit him up on Facebook, and follow him on Twitter. — There’s this story in the Gospels that tells of a man who came to Jesus and asked, ‘What must I do to inherit eternal life? ‘ That should capture [Read More…]

Think Ahead

The following post is from Brent Bailey, a Master of Divinity student at Abilene Christian University who will intern this summer with The Marin Foundation. He blogs at All of our interns raise funds to join us, so if you would be willing to help make it possible for Brent to join us again [Read More…]

Ten Seconds

The following post comes from the anonymous blogger behind The Registered Runaway, a gay man navigating his way through faith, sexuality and inner peace.   I should start at the beginning and stop short there. It’s important to look at those small squares throughout the tape of memory. Those short significant moments in their every [Read More…]

I’m Speaking Throughout Australia and New Zealand the Next Month

                          I’m heading Down Under today! For the next month I’ll be speaking throughout Australia and New Zealand. Below you will find each of the events I’m speaking at. If you find yourself (or anyone you might know) in or around these events, [Read More…]

But I Have To, Don’t I…

The following post is from Michael Overman. Michael is interning with us this year while working towards his Masters of Divinity at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary. You can check out his blog at Sin. It’s a short word that comes with a multitude of definitions, interpretations, and responses. It’s riddled with dogma and doctrine, and more [Read More…]

Living in the Tension Gathering – Mon Feb 25

For our upcoming Living in the Tension gathering, we’re going to be tackling a big but important topic: how do we interpret the Bible. One of our interns, Michael Overman, and a couple staff members, Michael Kimpan and Jason Bilbrey, will be leading us in a discussion about the many factors that go into how [Read More…]

Women, Lesbians, Slam Poetry and Ripping My Heart Out

One of my very good friends, Karen Grace (above), lives in New York City. Her activist heart is filled each work-day as an employee of our country’s first LGBT homeless youth center. In the evenings, her overflowing creative juices are captured as she competes around the city as a highly respected and recognized slam poet. [Read More…]

Out of Blame & Into Becoming

The following post was written by Kevin Harris, Administrative Assistant and Director of Community Relations at The Marin Foundation. “It is indeed an absurd illusion to consider that we can work for peace, which means to be actively involved with people who are behaving in an unpeaceful way, if we are inwardly turbulent and ill-at-ease.” [Read More…]

Hosting Chris Heuertz in Chicago

We’re excited to be hosting Chris Heuertz in Chicago on February 18th at 7pm as a part of our Living in the Tension series. Chris will be sharing some thoughts with us connected to his new book, Unexpected Gifts: Discovering the Way of Community. In Unexpected Gifts, Chris names the inevitable challenges that all friendships, [Read More…]