Living in the Tension – Monday 1/24

For our upcoming Living in the Tension gathering on Monday, January 24, we will be discussing our hopes for the LGBT community as we move into the future. Some see assimilation as the goal in essentially fitting into mainstream culture and norms and minimizing differences (or trying to change them to be the same), while others advocate that differences should be brought into the light and used to inform the construction of new ways of thinking and living in the world. Is it our hope to sing along with Macklemore that it’s all the ‘same love’ and that sexuality/gender identity is not really important? Or is there something a bit different (perhaps queer) about LGBT individuals that contribute to unique ways of creating and living into the world? Maybe your thoughts are a bit of both or none of the above, but either way we would love to have you join us.

We will be meeting in Room 124 on 5255 N Ashland Ave. at 7pm. If you’re available beforehand, we will be meeting at Jerry’s Sandwiches on 5419 N Clark St. at 5:15pm to hang out and grab a bite to eat.

We hope to see you there!

Much love.


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