Kids, Commercials, and Focus on the Family

I wrote the other day about the problems of using children as political pawns. The Friendly Atheist spotted another example of this that I thought I would point out, namely Focus on the Family’s commercial during the football game last weekend, which consisted of children reciting John 3:16 Click the link to see the video and an analysis of how this sort of thing comes across to a non-believer. Here are the two best points:

When you don’t have logic and evidence on your side, just go for an emotional appeal. It might get through to the gullible viewers.

Can you imagine the uproar that would’ve ensued if the children of Muslims read a verse from the Koran in the same way? Hell, Focus on the Family probably would’ve called it indoctrination themselves.

Disclaimer: Yes, I know, everyone uses children like this to some extent, going for the emotional appeal. Heck, this is why politicians kiss babies. That doesn’t make it right, or a good thing, and I think it’s something we should think about and evaluate.

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