Worthwhile Reads: Pro-Choice Christians

There are several ways to fight back against laws limiting women’s reproductive choice, one being the emphasis on women’s right to bodily integrity and another being contending the idea that a zygote/fetus is a “person.” The problem, though, is that a substantial percentage of the population tie their belief that abortion must be outlawed to the Bible. When this happens, we can emphasize the importance of the separation of church and state, but for many that won’t be enough.

This is why I appreciate the work done by pro-choice Christians who point out that the “the Bible says life begins at conception” and “the Bible condemns abortion” crowd are skating on thin ice. Pro-choice Christians need to be louder and more vocal, and need to work to combat the connection so many make between Christianity and anti-abortion politics. I’ve noticed a couple articles recently trying to do just that, and thought I’d share them:

I’m Pro-Choice and Christian, Ask Me How, in Persephone Magazine.

Personhood Laws and the Abolition of Birthdays, by the Slacktivist.

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