Stranger in a Strange Land: Harry Potter and Me

I just realized something. Harry Potter and I have something in common. Harry was raised a muggle, and when he learns he is a wizard and begins attending Hogwarts he is forever not knowing things everyone assumes he should know. The bedtime stories every wizard kid grows up with? He’s clueless. And on and on. Sometimes – no, frequently – someone assumes he knows something only to be shocked that he doesn’t know it, and then to remember “oh, right, you were raised a muggle.”

As I have written before, I feel the same way. It happened just the other day, when a fellow blogger assumed I should know what “the muppets” were and I was completely clueless. After being completely shocked at my ignorance, I reminded him of my background and he was like “oh, that’s right, I forgot – now it makes sense.” This wasn’t the first time someone has assumed that I, like Harry Potter, know some reference I have no idea about, and it likely won’t be the last either.

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