Worthwhile Reads: Feminism + Housewifery

Wow. When Jill posted her article, Feminism + Housewifery, on Feminste, she knew it would be provocative and controversial. She even ended her post with “Bombs thrown. Discuss away.” Basically, Jill takes on the idea that it’s just fine for women to choose to stay at home with their children and be housewives, and in the process she brings up a whole array of thought-provoking issues. Remember when I said that I like to think of feminism as a discussion rather than a rule book? This is the sort of discussion I find fascinating. And, it’s a read I think almost anyone will find interesting. Enjoy!

And here is another similar article, this one focusing on Complementarianism: Religion, Women’s Work, and the Economy, on the Huffington Post. I’m really glad these discussions are taking place, especially in light of recent studies that show that men who have stay at home wives are actively hostile towards women in the workplace.

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