In which I share a comment

So, I just had this shared with me on twitter in response to my post yesterday:

@lovejoyfeminism @koush regardless of how the media portrays gays as “normal” it’s been put to a vote in over 30 states and voted down in over 30 states. You aren’t normal. You’re deceived. You gays are also militant and are doing more harm to your cause than good with your “rubbing your gayness in everyone’s faces”…. The “normal” Americans are getting sick of it (hence the voting it down every. single. time. Stop being obnoxious with your fag-ness and stop trying to convince America to see it your way. If you are “born that way” then eventually you should evolve into a beast that can reproduce and the rest of America will come around to your point of view on equality…. also, keep your gayness off my TV and out of my home. Oh… and I don’t hate you.”

Hmm. Somehow I don’t buy that last line…

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Libby Anne grew up in a large evangelical homeschool family highly involved in the Christian Right. College turned her world upside down, and she is today an atheist, a feminist, and a progressive. She blogs about leaving religion, her experience with the Christian Patriarchy and Quiverfull movements, the detrimental effects of the "purity culture," the contradictions of conservative politics, and the importance of feminism.

  • Malte

    You’re forgetting that love has nothing to do with our actions, it’s a feeling that can be arbitrarily asserted to make anything okay.

  • Steve

    You really shouldn’t give such abject stupidity more attention than it deserves

  • machintelligence

    As true today as it was 58 years ago

    • machintelligence

      Umm, make that 48.

  • Rebecca Newman

    So sick…

  • http://jw-thoughts.blogspot JW

    The whole post reflects irritation. Irritation that the homosexual movement and its followers are pushing their agenda upon society when , over 30 states, have voted same sex marriage down. Not everyone who is opposed to same sex marriage hates homosexuals but not everyone loves them either. Just as not every homosexual support same sex marriage while others do.

    The post is a simple irritation of the person but yet I know it is going to be used as a beat down to show evidence of hate and bigotry and so forth. Liberal mentality seems to be quick to show that some liberal minded folks don’t always speak for other liberal minded people when their are disagreements. Yet, many times, liberal minded folks want to push all conservative and moderate thinkers together when one of them says something weird of off the wall. Is that really fair?


    • BabyRaptor

      Strawman much? Nowhere in that post did Libby say “This is how every single conservative out there thinks.”

      Rights are not an “agenda.” If heterosexuals were the ones continually being denied basic human treatment, would you be casually handwaving their actions off? Would you be defending someone who was getting pissed at people trying to get fair treatment? No, you wouldn’t, because that treatment would line up with what you believe is right.

      Newsflash: Rights are rights. We have them whether or not the majority thinks it’s okay. And one day, the Christians of this country are gonna get smacked in the face with that reality. I hope I live to see the massive whine-fest that happens when we finally achieve equality, despite everything you lot have done to keep us second class.

      • http://jw-thoughts.blogspot JW

        “despite everything you lot have done to keep us second class.”

        Classic! Who does this refer to because not everyone opposed to homosexual ‘marriage’ are Christians as various media outlets want to portray and many homosexual protestors want to assume. I do think homosexual marriage will come forward and overtake society as time goes onward if the next generation is told that homosexuality is as normal as hetereosexuality and accepts it as being right. It will be all about the gospel of love and tolerance because THAT is the feel good gospel. After all, Ellen Degeneres preaches this and it sounds very good but love devoid of Truth is really worthless. It is akin to a self help group that only gives you positive things to think about rather than a place that convicts you of where you are wrong in thinking and/or in heart and helps you to correct your way and get you on the straighter path.

        Does this make sense?

      • Judy L.

        Yes, JW, it makes perfect sense. Well, not really.

        1. You’ve put “marriage” in quotes with reference to homosexual marriage. This is your way of being dismissive and suggesting that married same-sex couples aren’t really married.
        2. You’re worried about anti-gay sentiment becoming less popular over time. Why is that? How does that, as a straight person (I’m assuming you’re straight) affect your life in any way at all? Are you concerned that there may come a day when you’re no longer allowed to legally discriminate against someone based on your disapproval of their sexuality?
        3. I have no idea what you’re talking about when you accuse “liberal minded folks” of “push[ing] all conservative and moderate thinkers together when one of them says something weird of off the wall.” Who is doing this exactly? And no, a person isn’t a “moderate thinker” just because they think that gay people should have their right to marry denied, but don’t think that, for example, gay people should be rounded up and put in re-education camps or executed.
        4. Here were go with the real issue: the Feel Good Gospel and your belief in the Truth. You have a problem with the “gospel of love and tolerance”, so I have to assume that you want to live in a world where people are hateful and intolerant? You think homosexuality is wrong, and you have found the Truth and it’s your obligation to try to convince other people of those beliefs, because if you manage to convince enough people that you’re right, you don’t have to worry that you might be wrong.

        Yes, there is a homosexual agenda, and that agenda is full personhood and protection under the law, and full civil rights as equal citizens. But there’s another part to the agenda, and that’s laying bare the profligate lying and willful misinformation about gay people and their behaviour that religious bigots and other homophobes have engaged in, and continue to engage in. Defenders and promoters of civil rights also think it’s really important to uphold the ideal of Constitutional Democracy, where rights are assumed and respected, rather than put to popular vote. Why do you think that you should be able to vote on other people’s rights? How would you feel if you had to get a majority vote from the people in your state to determine whether you’re allowed to date the person you want, or live with them, or marry them, or whether you should be protected from being fired from your job because your boss thinks you might be gay.

        I’m sorry that you believe in the bogeyman, that someone has convinced you that some expressions of consensual, adult sexuality are “wrong” and that there’s only one right “path” to be on in life. I’m sorry that you have to believe that other people and their relaitonships are “worthless” if they don’t fit in with your idea of “rightness” or “Truth”.

        But I do understand your fear. You’re afraid that one day you might be in the minority. You don’t like the fact that your “moderate” feelings about gay people are becoming more conservative than the mainstream, and that you come off sounding like a bigot when you say, for no good reason at all, that homosexuality is wrong and that people in same-sex relationships should be denied marriage. You might want to really think about why you believe that gay people and their relationships are “wrong”; I can absolutely guarantee you that all of your reasons are completely irrational and would not be borne out by reality. But if you’re a religious person, rationality and reality have to be denied to make your beliefs work, and that’s really the source of your problem.

    • Yessenia

      Yes, how dare we keep asking for equal rights when the majority has already said no. We’re such bastards.

      The post is a simple irritation of the person but yet I know it is going to be used as a beat down to show evidence of hate and bigotry and so forth.

      As one of those dreadful uppity queers, I simply can’t relate to how terrifying it must feel knowing that if you say the wrong thing to the wrong person, you might get a beat down, just for how you feel. Seriously, what’s that like?

    • Joy

      This: “Stop being obnoxious with your fag-ness and stop trying to convince America to see it your way. If you are “born that way” then eventually you should evolve into a beast that can reproduce…your gayness off my TV and out of my home.” — is hateful. Imagine the n-word instead of the f-word if for some reason you don’t see how offensive and hateful it is.

      The poster of the comment doesn’t seem to have a consistent grasp of reality, since he points out that same-sex marriage (not ‘ how the media portrays gays as “normal”’) has been put to the voters in 30 states and been voted down, nevertheless it is apparently being shoved down his throat (or at least his home and TV–both of which he completely controls access to, so presumably he’s letting them in) by gay people advocating for their own rights and interest–certainly the right and responsibility of anyone in a democracy.

      • Maggy

        I have many, many issues with the original comment and won’t go into all of the particulars since other comments have addressed them. The issue of reproduction seems to be a sticking point for some folks that reference as a reason why gay couples should not get married. Having children is the main reason for many couples to get married. But this is not the case for all heterosexual couples. Couples who are unable to conceive due to age or infertility are not prohibited from getting married. Nor do we ban marriage for couples of child-bearing age who do not wish to have children. I would imagine that hearing this kind of rhetoric is very painful for heterosexual men and women who wish to have children, but are unable to do so.

    • Kevin S.

      I agree that the post expresses irritation, but the cause isn’t what the quoted commenter says it is, or what you think it is. What really irritates this guy is that the gay rights movement is eventually going to win on this issue. Gay marriage has been voted down in 30 states? Well, current polls show a majority of Americans favoring gay marriage, so now it’s just a countdown until all those referenda are reversed. As homosexuality becomes more accepted in America, this guy’s basically saying, “Gay rights activists, stop winning!”

    • Amethyst

      Yet when gay people express the same level of irritation, they’re accused of being militant and shoving their agenda in everyone’s faces. Have you ever watched the participants in one of those much-vilified pride parades and considered that maybe they’re just irritated?

  • Rod

    The tyranny of the majority comes to mind. Just because the majority of, usually, a state or country votes a certain way doesn’t make it right.
    I recall the brouhaha in Ireland a few years back about divorce, in which a sanctimonious female politician proclaimed that she didn’t need divorce for her marriage and no-one she knew did so obviously we don’t need it in Ireland. It never occurred to her, or your correspondent, that the true measure of a democracy is how you treat your minorities. It is easy to do what the majority wants, but rights are rights, and are not a function of how many subscribe or may be affected.

  • Amanda

    You know what kills me? Even if marriage equality is enacted on a federal level, it’s not as if anyone is going to be forced to change their religious beliefs or eschew their bigotry. We’ve legislated gender equality and racial equality yet we all know bigotry on those two issues still exists. So everyone who’s against gay marriage, relax! You can still revile it all you want, even when all my LGBT friends and family are allowed to marry whomever they darned well please.

    You just won’t be able to trample all over their rights anymore.

  • Saraquill

    One of the things that makes that rant so rich is that the writer could not be bothered at all to research who Libby Anne is. Another is how s/he fails at biology.

  • smrnda

    Hey JW, if love devoid of whatever truth your pushing is worthless, then why do people keep turning away from this supposed ‘truth’ with its superior love? I mean, all of my close friends and non-religious and pro-GLBT, and I find them far more loving, caring, dependable, and just than any Christians I’ve ever met. Just my own experience, but felt like I’d put in my 2 cents.

    Also, who cares what a majority thinks? I’m sure there have been plenty of times when the majority was on the wrong side.

  • Kathy

    This fellow is so lovely and loving. Wow, what a winner.
    Not a single issue of civil rights has EVER been passed by the majority. Every single one had to be “shoved down the throats” of these loving, honest, “Christian” Americans.

  • Stony

    “I do think homosexual marriage will come forward and overtake society”

    JW….you do know that allowing gay people their rights will not turn YOU gay, right? And that gay people are born to straight people? Even if we take the higher statistical claim and say the number of gays is 15%….that’s still only 15%.

    But your comments really expose you. Like so many knee-jerk conservatives, you’re afraid some nebulous someone is coming to take something from you. Your Bibles, your guns, your “wealth”, your sons. Someone is coming to “overtake” you. It’s just fear, waving a flag and thumping a Bible. How about we let the super-conservative preachers take over the country, then we won’t have any sexual deviance to worry about…..oh, wait…..

    • Schaden Freud

      JW….you do know that allowing gay people their rights will not turn YOU gay, right?

      Not necessarily. I once had a colleague who actually thought you could catch homosexuality from blood transfusions.

  • Lauren F

    I like how JW says “don’t lump all conservatives together when someone says stuff like this!!” …And then goes ahead and shares the exact same sentiments in different words. Way to convince me you don’t think alike.