The Harlot v. the Godly Woman

I just ran upon this image on facebook. It is from the website Dan’s Pulpit, and compares the “Harlot” to the “Godly Woman.” Have a look:

[Image has been removed due to website updates. Image showed a “harlot” on one side and a “godly woman” on the other side. The “harlot” had brown hair, bangles, hoop earrings, something in her mouth, and tired eyelids. The “godly woman” had blond hair, a wide bright smile, a heart on her purple sweater, a white skirt, high heels, a single bracelet, and a Bible under her arm.]

I was going to get all in depth examining all of the implications and issues involved here, but then I found myself short on time and thought instead I’d hand it over to you all to dissect. So, what do you think? What all is going on with this sort of contrast? If you spent time as an evangelical or fundamentalist, how have you seen this contrast between the Harlot and the Godly Woman presented?

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  • nasria

    great job patheos, you remind me once again how it is wrong for everyone else to judge, but you can do it as long as bring down the establishment of people who think hate. Here is a reality check, why don’t you talk to a real christian who was transformed by christ and maybe you might learn that these kind of women actually would help the harlot up and give her the gospel. Listen to 3 wooden crosses by randy travis, and stop judging.

    • purr

      There is nothing wrong with being a harlot.

  • nasria

    You’re the one with the black and white thinking. Obviously if we were more open minded this cartoon wouldn’t exist.