Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

As we come upon Holy Week, many of us wonder why Jesus was put to death. Some of us approach this question from an historical point of view: Why did the Romans put Jesus to death? Why did some of the Jewish leaders in Jerusalem work for the death of Jesus?

We may wonder how Jesus himself understood the necessity of his death, since he spoke of it in the Gospels. Why did Jesus think he had to die?

Others of us think more theologically: Why was it necessary for Jesus to die for our sins? Perhaps we may also think more personally: Why did Jesus have to die for me?

Several years ago I wrote a series of blog post that were meant to answer these questions. This series is called: Why Did Jesus Have to Die? Roman, Jewish, and Christian Perspectives. Whether you’re a Christian or not, this series will help you to understand the multi-layered reasons for the death of Jesus. You may also want to recommend it to your friends who are wondering about the death of Jesus and its meaning.

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  • Wiktoria

    I really love Jesus and i just can’t belive he died for all of us.He is just a wonderful person no one can beat him.I love you Jesus <3

  • Anonymous

    Yes, indeed. Thanks for your comment.

  • Camposanokristine112689

    I always admire and love Jesus for He is our Saviour and Salvation. He died for our sin..and yes I asked myself,,do he really have to die for my sin?? Am I worthy for hHis death?
    I just praise and love Him..for His greatness.
    I love you Jesus my Lord!

  • Nick

    Jesus died so we may live. So we are once again able to fellowship with Papa God face to face in the cool of the garden as it was to be and to walk this earth once again in Power Dominion and Authority theu Christ Jesus who strengthens us.

  • Valencia

    Jesus died for us because it was his fathers will for him to die.Come see the tomb where Jesus lay see the stone has rolled away.Did they take our lord Jesus away, no he is still here for us today.He has risen