Permission to Wake Up Your Soul

Bradley L. Moore is a Senior Vice President in a large, multinational corporation. He is also a fine writer whose work has been published in a variety of media, including The Chicago Sun Times and Christianity Today. Bradley is an editor and featured writer for The High Calling, a website devoted to Everyday Conversations About Work, Life, and God.

Recently, Bradley wrote a thoughtful piece called “Permission to Wake Up Your Soul.” He talked about how his artistic explorations at a retreat helped him, not only to do what he loved, but also to regain fresh perspective for his day job.

I’d encourage you to check out Bradley’s article. He’ll help you give yourself permission to wake up your soul.

A man engaged with his art project at Laity Lodge
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  • Sherwood8028

    Thank you, Mark – Bradley’s words were to me, a confirmation of that old adage, “God moves in mysterious ways, His worders to perform…”

    The night before last I accepted an invitaton to meet with members of the local Tea Party assembly and I came away, grieved to have heard what these folks were listening to – in essence, a remake of this great nation that has nurtured my soul for over 82 years.

    God spoke to my heart a little over thirty-six years ago and since that time, I have spent most of my days, learning of the joy it is to be a Christian and realizing the truth of the lessons taught by the One whose name I bear.  Yes, I am an American, a veteran, a college graduate, many items that fill up my resume, but above them all, a Christian.

    And to listen to others using that name and declaring that their fears have overcame them makes me wonder, where did we go wrong, what should we do?

    I believe I know and it has been confirmed by those simple words, arise my soul!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for this comment.