Would Jesus Have a Facebook Page?

If Jesus were on earth today, would he have a Facebook page?

No, says Drew Goodmanson, CEO of Monk Development, a company that helps churches use the Internet to fulfill their missions. In a USA Today article by Cathy Lynn Grossman, Goodmanson appreciates the fact that “you can have a digital Bible in the palm of your hand or connect with others in prayer any time anywhere.” But he goes on to say, “Jesus would not have a Facebook page. He wouldn’t be stopping in an Internet café to update his status.”

No. This one doesn't count.

This makes me wonder:

Would Jesus have a Facebook page?

If Jesus would not have a Facebook page, why is it okay for his followers to have Facebook pages?

If Jesus would not have a Facebook page, why is it okay for Goodmanson, who is a follower of Jesus, to make a living by helping churches and other Christian organizations have Facebook pages? Is he helping Christians to do what Jesus would not do?

What historical or theological evidence should we consider if we’re trying to figure out whether or not Jesus would have a Facebook page?

What do you think? Would Jesus have a Facebook page? Why? Or why not?

(And if he did, what photo would he use? And how many friends would he have?)

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  • Bill Goff

    If Jesus had a Facebook page, I think we would be shocked by his list of friends: Pharisees, fishermen, tax collectors, adulterers, revolutionary zealots, Samaritans, et. al. 
    In seminary one of my teachers, Mr. James Morgan, uttered this sentence which I’ve never forgotten: “Jesus attracted the sort of people the Church repells and repelled the sort of people the Church attracts.”  I think it is still true.

  • markdroberts

    Bill: Now that is a great point! You’re absolutely right. Jesus’ “friends” list would be scandalous.

  • Yuri Wijting

    Bill Groft’s response took me by surprise, and I think that’s what would be the case though I don’t think he’d be shocked but rather we’d find it shocking that Jesus would be sending out friend requests to such people. I think we’d be baffled by some of Jesus’ friend requests and more mind boggling is that he’d have nothing but loving things to say to them.

    Just to digress, would Jesus have a church? I mean “church” as in a building with it’s usual ecclesiastical infrastructure. No, but it’s okay for his followers to have one. This is just an example of how these sort of questions aren’t real questions but curiosities.

  • Daisy827@aol.com

    Totally agree with your last sentence.

  • markdroberts

    Interesting. Jesus was fine with using religious buildings (synagogues) for his work. And the church as a body of people was his idea. Thanks for your comment.

  • markdroberts

    Thanks for your comment.

  • tried camel/eye of needle analogy again 2day… crowd still not getting it  :/

  • Anna Heimiller

    I’m really not sure.  You brought up some good points

  • markdroberts

    Thanks for your comment.