Animal Adventures at Laity Lodge

I thought I’d share a few photos of some recent animal adventures at Laity Lodge, in the Hill Country of Texas.

My cat, Lily, and dog, Sandy, are fascinated by the squirrel that comes to eat just outside their window.
Life from a squirrel's point of view
The squirrel would much rather eat the seeds out of the bird feeder, rather than settle for the scraps that fall on the wall. But the "squirrel-proof" feeder does its job.
The feeder is great for small birds, like this House Finch.
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  • Evan

    Lolcat Thought Balloons in second photo: “Want”       “Want”

    There is a reason that “Squirrel!” was featured dialogue in “Up.”

  • markdroberts

    Yes. My animals long for the squirrel.

  • Great picture of the Red House Finch at Laity Lodge. Beautiful bird.