Ebenezer and Unexpected Good

Over at The Curator, Eric Peters tells a story of finding good in an unexpected place – after having over five thousand dollars worth of equipment stolen:

. . . If you’ve ever been the victim of theft, you no doubt are familiar with the empty, hollow feeling in the pit of your stomach. Of course, I invited the police over for a visit, provided serial numbers, filed a report, and called my insurance (none of it was covered), then settled into the reality of the situation: all of it was gone, some $5000 worth of gear for which I had worked, saved, and paid cash. Barring an unexpected and otherworldly repentance on the part of the thieves, I resigned myself to defeat and loss—empty-handed, with a slate of lawns still to tend to. I had no idea how or even if I would move forward with my lawn business.

Like any contemporary grumbler, I took to social media and spewed a quick though tame “thanks” to the thieves who took my stuff. I expected nothing from that public gripe other than to simply get it off my chest. Within minutes, however, folks began responding to ask how they could help, some even offering to loan me their lawn mower in the interim. At first, owing to pride, I dismissed it as pity, not responding to anyone’s good intentions . . . 

Peters goes on to describe the outpouring of support, and what he learned about having marks of grace in his life.

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