An Outward Sign of Nothing New

Perhaps you’ve heard about the monument that a group of Satanists are trying to erect on Capitol grounds in Oklahoma. They’ve raised nearly $30,000 so far. Over at Christ and Pop Culture, S.D. Kelly explores what this statue and the hubbub around it actually says about us, and comes to some surprising conclusions:

The members of The Satanic Temple of New York admit as much when trying to carve out a place in the public imagination, laying claim to a very shaky history cobbling together folklore and disparate occult practice. By their own reckoning, any human expression of belief — or non-belief — outside of religious orthodoxy falls under the very broad umbrella of the precepts of the Temple of Satan, which is unsupportable on its face, and the very reason Christians shouldn’t bother with responding to the campaign to erect a monument to Satan.

When it comes to Satan, or the idea of Satan, there is nothing to honor, nothing to praise, nothing to commemorate, unless it’s the idea of non-Christian belief, which just so happens to be commemorated already by nearly every single aspect of human society.

Read the rest here.

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