Servant Leadership on Maundy Thursday


This post is part of Life for Leaders, a new daily devotional I am writing as part of my work at the Max De Pree Center for Leadership. You can learn more about Life for Leaders or sign up to receive a daily email devotional here.   “You call me Teacher and Lord—and you are right, for [Read More...]

“I’m Ba-a-ack”

New library wing at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, California

To borrow and butcher a line from Poltergeist II, “I’m ba-a-ck.” After a long time away from active blogging, I’m beginning again as a part of a new professional season in my life. During the last few years while I was working for the H. E. Butt Family Foundation (AKA Laity Lodge, The High Calling), [Read More...]

Congratulations HEB! One of Best Ten Places to Work in the U.S.


Glassdoor just announced its 2015 Employees’ Choice Awards for the Best Places to Work in the U.S. and HEB came in at #7. Congratulations, HEB. Now, if you’ve spent much time in central Texas, HEB needs no introduction. You know it as an outstanding grocery chain, with more than 300 stores in Texas and many [Read More...]

Does Place Really Matter? If So, Why?

The carrels and stacks of Widener Library. Yes, that is a coffee up you see by my computer. And, yes, it is now legal to bring a drink into Widener.

In my last blog post, I asked the question “Does place really matter?” In our increasingly digitized, flattened, and shrunken world, does our physical location make a real difference? Most of those who answered this question, through comments, social media, or email, said, “Yes. Place does matter.” I think most people have a gut sense [Read More...]