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The Church declares that unconditional respect for the right to life of every innocent person-from conception to natural death is one of the pillars on which every civil society stands. – Pope St. John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae The ‘seamless garment’ is a poison pill that would kill the pro-life movement. – Lifesite News Read more

Trump backs down on wall, funds Planned Parenthood

And here’s the Planned Parenthood part of the deal.  Another huge win for the Prolife Trump Defender! What will be fascinating to watch is the bulk of his party outraged because he’s not building the wall or heaping cruelty on Dreamers and the small, perpetually used and discard prolife group astonished that Lucy has, yet again, pulled away the Planned Parenthood football. Me: I’m happy the dumb wall is off the table and innocent will hopefully not be deported.  I’m… Read more

I stand with Rebecca Bratten Weiss

In yet another display of shameful ugliness and falsity, Lifesite News pauses from endlessly smearing the Pope to smear a good woman, a good Catholic, a good scholar and a faithful defender of the Church’s teaching on the dignity of human life from conception to natural death.  Her only crime, insisting that a consistent life ethic is the Church’s actual teaching and that the disgusting use of the unborn as human shields to defend every right wing culture of death… Read more

Genuine, real, not kidding kudos to Trump

My sense is that he’s not really comfortable with rescinding DACA, but “because of his oaths and his guests” (Mt 14:9) he picked this awkward way to placate his base of white supremacists who love this sort of mindless cruelty and who, in particular, love watching him destroy anything Obama did, even if it makes perfect sense (like a proposed regulation to screen long distance drivers for sleep apnea so they don’t fall asleep at the wheel.  Obama proposed it, so… Read more

Catholic TV Fundraiser coming up this weekend

Bishop Robert Reed (not the guy from the Brady Bunch but a different Robert Reed) writes: Dear friends, The annual Telethon for The CatholicTV Network is coming up on September 15-16. Our ministry here at CatholicTV is essential not only for the homebound who depend on us for the Mass, but also for a wide and diverse audience in the age of new media. The Telethon is one of our most important fundraisers, and it allows us to continue our… Read more

Interesting Profile of Derya Little…

A convert to Catholic faith from Islam. We crossed paths recently when I was sent the MSS of her new book: It’s a fascinating story and has a very personal connection for me. In the course of her journey, she wound up reading By What Authority?, becoming perhaps the last person on planet Earth I ever dreamed would read such a book. (When I wrote it, I had in view my own tribe of suburban American Evangelicals and never in… Read more

Where can you find some of the most vicious anti-Catholic commentary?

From Catholics, especially super duper prolife Catholics, responding to the bishops teaching anything that challenges the dogmas of FOX or the Party of Trump. Here, for instance, is notable leftwing liberal babykiller Archbishop Chaput, challenging Trump’s rescinding of DACA and making the obvious and humane plea not to threaten 800,000 innocent, hard-working Americans with the mortal sin of mass deportation to a strange land. You’d think the man had set fire to the Eucharist or helped perform an abortion from… Read more

Pope Uses Term “Airy Fairy”

He also, by the way, make the obvious point (battled tooth and nail by Catholic who deem themselves far better Catholics than he) that being prolife life means embracing the whole of the Church’s teaching and not just the anti-abortion bit useful to GOP poseurs: Then, in a highly significant remark, Pope Francis referred to President Donald J. Trump, saying, “I have heard it said that the president of the United States presents himself as a man who is pro-life,… Read more

Kidnapped Indian Priest Freed After 18 Months

Prayers are heard and grace breaks into the world yet again: Kidnapped Indian priest Fr Tom Uzhunnalil has been freed from captivity and flown to Oman, the country’s government has said. Fr Tom was kidnapped when his care home in the Yemeni city of Aden was attacked in March 2016. Four gunmen posing as relatives of one of the residents killed four Indian nuns, two Yemeni staff members, eight elderly residents and a security guard. In May this year, a… Read more

The Latest Conspiracy Theory…

…being encouraged and promoted at kook sites like 1 Peter 5 is that Pope Francis is having the dubia cardinals rubbed out. It occasioned a reflection on my view of most conspiracy theories over at the Catholic Weekly. Here’s a taste. By the way, the captions on the photos they picked killed me. I have a congenital allergy. I am allergic to conspiracy theories. Oh, to be sure, they are great fun as premises for yarns, tales, and stories. I’m… Read more

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