I began writing this as we were leaving Cortez, Colorado (named for Hernan Cortez, Conqueror of Mexico and not to be confused with Cortex, Colorado, Home of the World’s Smartest People). You may notice that this is a considerable distance from Yosemite National Park. In addition, you may note that the last chronicle of these travels purported to include Day 8.  Technically, this was true, since we did not bed down at Indian Flats till after midnight on Day 8. … Read more

Abortions for rich Republicans.  Hanging for women forced to get them. Christians, in contrast, support Rachel’s Vineyard and believe in justice for crooks like Trump and his henchmen. Read more

Awoke to drenching, soaking, torrential, endless, pouring rain on Friday April 6.  Started writing the second entry of this account. Didn’t get far because Jan, bless her heart, had made us this awesome sausage and egg concoction wrapped in an inner layer of flour tortilla and an outer layer of THE MOST MAJESTIC REDWOOD FOREST ON THE PLANET.  It was delicious and, per our custom, I washed up.  Then we took advantage of the 75 cent showers and washed ourselves… Read more

…thinks post-abortive women should be hanged. He’s a respected writer for the National Review. And he’s not alone.  Idaho GOP candidate for Lieutanant Governor and State Sen. Bob Nonini also thinks post-abortive women should be executed. And they aren’t alone. People wonder why the Old Prolife Movement is in ruins.  The answer is: It has become a front for a murderous cult of death in the service of Trump, Mammon, and Power and has nothing to do with life or God… Read more

A reader writes: Hi Mark, this is a prayer request and a little bit of a call to arms. My friend Jacob is in his mid-30’s. He and his wife, Sarah, have 7 kids from 13 down to 1. On Sun., he went to our little rural ER with what seemed to be severe dehydration. They sent him 4 hours away to Denver. He was in in complete liver and kidney failure. In Denver, they tried to remove fluid built… Read more

You can read it here. Do that before reading all the complaints about it that the Greatest Catholics of All Time are sure to spread everywhere in the Christianist, Francis-hating Right Wing Noise Machine Media. Here’s a taste: CHAPTER ONE THE CALL TO HOLINESS THE SAINTS WHO ENCOURAGE AND ACCOMPANY US 3. The Letter to the Hebrews presents a number of testimonies that encourage us to “run with perseverance the race that is set before us” (12:1). It speaks of… Read more

So after I signed off last time, we headed off to Crater Lake, a trip of only 140 or so miles which Garmin prophesied would take us till 6:00 PM.  I scoffed.  Scoffed, I tell you. Never scoff at Garmin. To be sure, we traveled through gorgeous country, not to mention Gorge-ious country, full of mountainous crags and dizzying ravines plunging down to rushing rapids full of sharp, nasty rocks.  It is a place out of Middle Earth.  Breathtaking.  And… Read more

In which Mike Lewis of Where Peter Is begins a long-overdue and necessary look at the Pied Piper of EWTN, who leads the sheep away from the teaching of the Church and toward the sundry Right Wing Culture Warriors and liars at war with Pope Francis and the Magisterium: Laura Ingraham’s dismissive attitude towards the pope is nothing compared to the anger and vitriol directed at him by radio host Michael Savage. One wonders what motivated Arroyo to invite Savage… Read more

It’s everywhere, but you seldom see or hear about it: Read more

The first of a seven part series: G.K. Chesterton once remarked, “It is very hard for a man to defend anything of which he is entirely convinced. It is comparatively easy when he is only partially convinced. He is partially convinced because he has found this or that proof of the thing, and he can expound it. But a man is not really convinced of a philosophic theory when he finds that something proves it. He is only really convinced… Read more

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