Pope suggests it is better to be an atheist…

…than a hypocritical Catholic. Given that Jesus asked, “If the salt has lost its savor, wherewith shall it be salted again?” and it was of his traitorous disciple, not Pilate or Caiaphas, that he warned it was better that he had never been born, there is precedent in the Tradition for such a dire warning. [Read More…]

Muslim Refugee Hails Pope Francis

How both care for the least of these and evangelism is done. [Read more…]

Message of the Holy Father

on the Occasion of the World Meetings of Popular Movements in Modesto [Read more…]

People of the Lie at FOX…

…continue their attacks on the Holy Father.  And People of the Lie trapped in the worship of Trump swallow every word of it. These strange fit of madness seem to grip people from time to time.  Those outside the bubble of blindness look on in disbelief as the worshipper of some con man, false prophet, [Read More…]

Fr. Matthew Schneider takes a look at Amoria Laetitia

…using the hermeneutic of continuity.  Worth a look. [Read more…]

There is something quietly hilarious to me…

…about the self-appointed combox paladins of Real Catholics Against Bad Pope Francis suddenly developing a horror of “ambiguous language” while standing guard over a religious tradition that includes the Book of Revelation and all the parables and sayings of Jesus. [Read more…]

Tom Hoopes Gets Francis

A perceptive take. This whole pontificate can only be understood in light of the words “He has preached good news to the poor.” If you don’t get that and really look at the world from the perspective, you will not get him and you may very well wind up fighting him–and losing. [Read more…]

Pope Francis’ letter to a dying girl read aloud at her funeral

I love this man. God rest her soul through our Lord Jesus Christ. [Read more…]

A particular subculture in the Church is just endlessly baffled…

…by Amoris Laetetia.  What’s impressive is that the same people confused by this are also unclear what the words “We’re the platform for the alt-right” could possibly mean when spoken by Trump’s new Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon. They are likewise endlessly puzzled by the super-fine nuances of the Alt Right’s self-definition “dedicated to the heritage, [Read More…]

The Partisan vs. the Pontifex

Jerry Falwell, Jr., recently photographed standing with Donald Trump in front of Trump’s Playboy cover to give assurance that Trump will give Christians all the kingdoms of this world and their glory if they will bow down and worship him, is in the news lecturing the Holy Father for not being judgmental and for putting [Read More…]