To The Torch-Bearing Titans

The news about the alt-right/nazi/kkk/white supremacy rallies here in the United States are almost impossible to miss. It’s completely horrifying to see what is emerging out of the underbelly shadow of our country with a new sense of being emboldened by our president whose chief strategist is openly supportive of the “alt-right” – a president who equates those who wish death on others for simply existing as being just as bad as those who oppose them. My friend Ben Turnbull on facebook stated earlier today, “A woman was murdered by a Nazi, in 2017, in America, in broad daylight, on camera, and Trump is excusing it. Read that again slowly. Let that really sink in.”

My news feeds online are full of images and videos white supremacists holding tiki torches at their rallies, a symbol in our modern day of hate filled torch-wielding mob mentality. I see these torches and I cannot help but think of the lyric by Tori Amos, “And Moses I know – I know you’ve seen fire, but you haven’t seen fire until you’ve seen Pele blow!” I’m reminded of a prayer of petition that I wrote last November to the torch-bearing Titans around these issues of racism, xenophobia, transphobia, and homophobia.

The tiki torches of bigots cannot hold a flame to the power of the torches of the Titans Hekate and Prometheus who were moved by compassion for mankind and assisted the Olympians in overthrowing their fellow Titans, playing a crucial role in winning the Titanomachy war. They turned against their fellow Titans because they saw that they stood for oppression and knew in their hearts that this was wrong. They drew a line in the sand and chose a side, as we must on certain issues. I offer this following prayer in that spirit. But please remember that prayer alone is not enough. Just like magick, there must be action behind it for it to achieve manifestation.

Image Credit: Aziz Acharki | CC0 License
Image Credit: Aziz Acharki | CC0 License

We call upon the light-bearing Titaness of the Crossroads
Hekate! Unconquerable One!
You who have far-shooting power
You who hold the keys to Earth, Sky and Sea
You who traverses to the underworld and back
We ask you to be with us now
Teach us to love and defend those who are marginalized
Strengthen our magick and shield our communities
Transmute our fears and sorrow into power
Guide the way forward with your torches in times of darkness

We call upon the light-bearing Titan of Forethought
Prometheus! Unbound One!
You who fashioned mankind from clay after the gods
You who are moved by altruism and compassion
You who are brave in your integrity and teach a better way
We ask you to be with us now
Teach us to use the skills you gifted us for the betterment of others
Strengthen our resolve and soften our hearts
Reshape us with wisdom and compassion
Guide the way forward with your torch in times of darkness

To the Torch-Bearing Titans
Raise your torches in protection
Raise your torches in opposition

Raise your torches in resistance
Raise your torches in guidance


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