This Sunday I will preach the kickoff sermon of the spring semester at my campus ministry. After meeting with our worship and spiritual formation student leaders, we determined that forgiveness was going to be the message topic. So I’ve started wrestling with how to talk about forgiveness And all I can think about is the 20 minute standing ovation that Memphis evangelical megachurch pastor Andy Savage received after admitting to a “sexual incident” (forced oral sex) with a youth when he was a… Read more

The folks at Desiring God decided to go edgy with a recent blog post where the author said among other things that “doubt” is “slander against God.” The author provided a set of proof-texts which “prove” that the more we mature in our Christian journey, the more “steadfast” and “confident” we’re supposed to be in our faith. He said it’s okay to have some doubts early on in your Christian journey as long as you grow out of them by… Read more

Donald Trump has a bigger nuclear button than Kim Jong Un. And our global politics continue to resemble an elementary school playground. I think I get what Trump is trying to do. He’s trying to convince the Chinese that he’s crazy enough to destroy the world so they’ll clamp down on North Korea as hard as he thinks they could when pushed into a corner. I’ll admit that his strategy might actually work. Even if it does, it’s not the… Read more

Well it’s time again to share the top blog posts over the past year. I’m going to leave out the ones that viralized because they were trashy click-bait. Before you read further, I need to give one last plug for our ministry fundraiser that ends tonight. I’ve said before that this blog is only possible because of my ministry context in an inclusive campus ministry where I am free to be completely myself. If my campus ministry runs out of… Read more

One of the most fascinating and wonderful mysteries that I’ve experienced in ministry is the support that my blog readers have given to our campus ministry, the NOLA Wesley United Methodist Campus Ministry. At this point, more than half of NOLA Wesley’s non-institutional support comes from people who have no relationship to our ministry other than their connection to my blog. Friends, your generosity has blown me away. I literally could not do it without you. Last December, when I… Read more

My next conversation is with Sandhya Rani Jha, the director of the Oakland Peace Center who has written a book that every Christian who cares about social justice needs to read: Transforming Communities: How People Like You Are Healing Their Neighborhoods. If you want to see hope in a time of despair, look at what’s happening on a local level instead of just scrolling through your social media feeds. This book will get you inspired to do justice a way that… Read more

My Facebook friend Lee Wyatt has written a book called The Incredible Shrinking Gospel about the way that the gospel in American Christianity has been reduced to so much less than the gospel really is. One of the things Lee is really passionate about is reaching people who don’t feel bad about themselves which the Four Spiritual Laws gospel seems to require. Here’s what Lee has to share about his book. MG: Where should we start? LW: It’s titled “The Incredible Shrinking… Read more

As I wrote in a previous post, watching Star Wars VIII was a very spiritual experience for me. One of the most powerful moments of the movie happens in the end when all hope seems to have been snuffed out but a little stable boy force-grabs a broom and we know that the Resistance isn’t over (it’s not a spoiler because it doesn’t give away the plot). When I saw that moment, it seemed like the perfect expression of Advent… Read more

Jesus didn’t come primarily to solve the economic, political, and social problems of the world. He came to forgive our sins. — Timothy Keller (@timkellernyc) December 18, 2017 Tim Keller knows better. On a week when a bunch of old white guys just voted to give themselves a giant tax giveaway, it looks pretty tone deaf for an old white guy to spend his political capital pushing back against social justice Christianity. You were supposed to be the reasonable Calvinist, Tim! Yes,… Read more

When I first met Jason Micheli in the fall of 1996 at UVA’s First Year Fellowship, he was already a full-grown man with a deep baritone voice. I was pretty goofy and socially awkward so I didn’t have many friends at First Year Fellowship but Jason was always willing to talk to me. I felt cool when I hung out with him since he was so manly. He wasn’t in the in-crowd but he was the cool outsider who turned all the… Read more

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