We Are Not the Authorities on “Counterfeit Marriage”….

I wrote a post at the beginning of the week celebrating a video the church released showing a family being affirmative of their gay son and owning the many ways their ignorance and bias had harmed him and their family system. I was so moved and genuinely celebrated this step in the right direction that I know will make a difference in how Mormon families react to their coming out children. I then found out that Elder Larry R. Lawrence… Read more

Faith Transitions Pain

I have permission to share the following poem anonymously written by someone who has experienced a faith transition (changes in belief) for many years. This was written towards the beginning of their process while this person was still a student at Brigham Young University. Is it destiny That’s making me? Am I breaking down? Or am I breaking free? I feel so out of place when I’m in my element Can’t find the words to say like I’m betraying an… Read more

Church Releases Affirmative Family Video of Gay Son!

Yesterday, the Church released a video that shows a family who deals with the coming out of their adult gay son. This video is phenomenal in several regards… specifically that the parents can admit that they did not respond affirmatively to begin with and communicate some of the misperceptions that they had. For example… that it might be a phase… that it might be a testosterone problem… that they might be able to “fix” this about their son… that this… Read more

Research Study on LDS Members & Mental Health Counseling

I received this request today from a masters level student doing research on LDS members and how they approach mental health counseling for emotional and/or relational concerns. Let’s help a research student out by filling out the short survey attached. My name is Dane Abegg, and I am a master’s student under the direction of Dr. Sharon Kurpius, PhD., in the department of Counseling and Counseling Psychology at Arizona State University. I am inviting members of the Church of Jesus… Read more

Utah’s Escalating Suicide Rates

Two articles were released this week that deal with the growing and alarming number of suicide rates in Utah.  One is written by Daniel Parkinson, a Mormon psychiatrist who identifies as gay and has done much advocacy work around LGBT+ issues. Utah’s Escalating Suicide Crisis and LDS LGBTQ Despair The second is written by Thomas Montgomery, a Mormon father of a gay son and husband to Wendy Montgomery who is a primary founder of the Mama Dragons. Rejection and the… Read more

Upcoming Events and Resources

Several things I want to make known as far as things I will be or have been involved with recently and in the following weeks: Sunstone Phoenix: I will be presenting with my colleague Kristin Marie Bennion at Sunstone Phoenix this coming weekend on March 11th for two presentations: Porn, Addiction and Mormonism as well as Kids and Pornography – Having Meaningful Discussion. Follow the link above for registration information. Sex Talk with Natasha & Kristin: Kristin and I will be doing a full-day workshop in… Read more

Mormon Women March and Stand for Virtue

I had the amazing honor and privilege to be able to attend the Women’s March in Washington DC in January with a wonderful group of Mormon women (women who ranged from fully active in our church community to those who have resigned or no longer attend but still honor their Mormon roots and heritage). We had so many wonderful conversations about the reasons why we felt compelled to gather at such an event with the discussions being rich in concerns… Read more

Marital Intimacy and the Importance of Framing

Wendy Watson Nelson gave a talk at the January 2017 Worldwide Devotional for Young Adults that focused on marital intimacy. As a fellow Mormon and with my expertise as a certified sex therapist, I saw some very helpful aspects of her talk as well as some vague, incorrect and even harmful assumptions that can set couples up for miscommunication, unrealistic expectations and an inability to frame their sex lives in ways that normalize their experience and allow for both spiritual… Read more

Mother and son bridge the void of faith transition…

The following excerpt is from an anonymous guest. With the spirit of Christmas all around us… I am particularly touched by the love and understanding this mother is able to freely offer her grown son. Many family systems within our midst are suffering with members going through transitions in faith journeys. And regardless of which end you find yourself on, the pain is real and valid and scary — often tragically driving family systems apart. The decision to choose love… Read more

Why is the “sex addiction” diagnosis harmful?

Dr. David Ley was recently interviewed by a reporter about sex addiction and the recent AASECT position statement. I have permission to post the writings he prepared for the interview.  This is an EXCELLENT read! Excellent in helping explain that when we, as sex-positive and certified sex therapists, stand against sex addiction — we are not by any way excusing sexual behavior that harms individuals and/or relationships.  In fact, it’s the opposite.  We stand against sex addiction so that people… Read more

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