I am honored to have been invited to this News Release. Please consider joining us. Public is welcome.  News Release Protect LDS Children Sexually Explicit Bishops Interviews When:  January 18, 2018    10am What:  News conference Where:   50 West Club & Café located at 50 W. Broadway in Salt Lake City. Event: Protect LDS Children Current status of the Petition:  Protect the Children—Stop Sexually Explicit Interviews of Mormon Youth. Large collection of survivor stories. Announcement of the March-for-the-Children to… Read more

I am so pleased to be able to share this letter I received from those spearing an amazing project directly addressing racial issues we still very much need to confront in our own LDS communities. I know very few Mormons would consider themselves “racist.” And yet we consistently hear from members of color ways that they experience microagressions and other issues that are not “micro” in the least. It is not their job to continually point these out to the… Read more

When I read this piece, it reminded me of much of the work we do with clients in regards to mindfulness practice…. and acceptance of what is. And how at times, this movement towards exactly what scares us most… what seems to threaten us most… is the movement that offers reprieve, peace, and even survival. Though the author shares her experience in the context of faith transition… the metaphor is applicable to many of life’s unexpected and difficult twists and… Read more

I heard of another transgender youth who died by suicide in a small community of Utah. Is the church not aware of the damage they are doing? How can we make a difference as members?  Keeping the conversation of LGBT+ suicide rates within the LDS population front and center is something I am completely devoted to. Dr. Randy Moss does an excellent job of using this powerful scriptural story to draw a parallel to the human sacrifices we are very… Read more

I came across this beautiful blog post and poem at Sanctuary of Women by Jan Richardson. I found it profoundly beautiful. It reminded me of the times I’ve written of the damage we inadvertently do to all when so many of our spiritual stories are male-centric. We need spiritual stories of men AND women. We need examples and role models of all types… so that all types can identify in an integral way with the great examples that have preceded… Read more

I’m currently going through a faith crisis. I am so scared to talk to anyone about my doubts or thoughts. I feel really alone and I don’t want to mess up my relationships with those I love most. Why is this so hard? Today’s guest post is written by Lisa Butterworth. Opinions shared on guest posts may not completely reflect the positions of the blog’s author. Lisa Butterworth, LPC, NCC has a masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Idaho State University,… Read more

Readings from “The Teachings of the Buddha: Dhammapada.” I enjoy the language of other faith traditions… which often amplify or bring new meaning to my own. Hatred does not cease by hatred at any time: hatred ceased by love — this is an old rule. He who is earnest and meditative, obtains ample joy. Delight in reflection. As the bee collects nectar and departs without injuring the flower, or its color or scent, so let a sage dwell in his… Read more

I am so excited to be launching this new project, Sex Talk with Natasha, TONIGHT (how to talk to teens about sex) where the goal is to have an interactive educational experience for subscribers who can take advantage of my expertise as a Certified Sex Therapist. There will be a variety of services offered including: A weekly live, one-hour “show” where Natasha will address an audience-voted-upon topic, with guests who need help addressing said topic, and also take questions from the viewers. Online… Read more

There is a movement taking place against the inappropriate practice we keep traditionally in place within Mormonism of adult males asking about sexual behaviors of minors (including masturbation) as part of worthiness interviews. I’ve been sharing my concerns about this from the perspective of all parties involved for many years. Sam Young, an LDS member from Houston, TX and previous bishop, has recently started a petition against such practices called Protect the Children and is participating in a protest this… Read more

Like many things that seem like an alternate reality these days… it’s hard to believe today marks the 2-year anniversary of the non-doctrinal policy our top church leaders decided to pass off as revelation which uniquely ostracizes and punishes LGB members of our church. It’s been incredibly disheartening as a mental health professional to see our membership become so polarized on such a sensitive and often misunderstood topic… unnecessarily so. And at the detriment of our gay, lesbian and bisexual… Read more

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