Celebrities, pop stars, and public figures everywhere are idolized by their fans; this trend is not restricted by time or place. One thing I’ve noticed, though, is that this “celebrity worship” culture has trickled into our interactions and opinions of Muslim scholars and speakers. Autographs, selfies, fangirling, all of it. I’m not going to speak about men, but with women, I’ve noticed that many of them will even comment about how they would like to have a husband like the… Read more

I vividly remember that day: sitting on my bedroom floor, I looked through my pile of CD’s and tossed them out, one by one. This was the last of my music collection, as I had already deleted the mp3 files off all of my electronic devices. And to me, it wasn’t just music that I was throwing away — it was a huge part of my life. The memories associated with each song flooded through my mind, begging me not to let them… Read more

Adolescence and young adulthood have always been difficult times to navigate in a person’s life. Many of these difficulties are universal and timeless. However, today’s Muslim youth are also facing a unique and unprecedented set of influences and challenges; these factors greatly impact the way their religious identity is developed. Here are some of the major ways that the young Muslims of today are receiving their religious guidance: The ‘Rents The influence that parents have over their children should never… Read more

We’ve all been there: While browsing online, you come across a great video, post, or article. You’re elated about how it shows Muslims in a good light, speaks out about a certain social or political issue, or is just a positive, light-hearted start to your day. Then the trolls arrive. Almost immediately, people lash out and, understandably, become defensive. The only problem here is that this is what trolls feed off of. They live for attention, even if it’s negative…. Read more

Eesa was genuinely confused as he pulled his car onto the shoulder. When the police officer came and asked him why he ran the red light that he had just passed, he decided to give an honest response: “I’m sorry, Officer, but I’m color blind. All of the lights basically look the same to me when I’m driving.” He was relieved, though not surprised, when the cop gave him a warm smile and said, “If all drivers were like you,… Read more

All of us, at one point or another, have sat through the “boring and culturally irrelevant” Jumu’ah khutbah (Friday sermon), the “over-our-heads technical” khutbah, and the “our khateeb couldn’t make it, so I’m just winging this” khutbah. But the one that people tend to hate the most is the khutbah where, in every other sentence, the khateeb is shouting some variation of, “Fear Allah!!” We leave after prayer complaining that the khateeb was too aggressive and discouraging. This one is… Read more

One thing that many of us have heard about Prophet Muhammad (saws) is that he used to seclude himself in the Cave of Hira sometimes, and just meditate/reflect. Personally, I have a really hard time trying to emulate this exercise. We live in such a fast-paced world that something as simple as thinking in silence, with no interruptions or distractions, can be difficult to do. But this practice is something that all of us should try from time to time, even if it’s… Read more

You know that borderline-torturous feeling when you’ve been working out for a long time, but you’re pushing yourself to go on just a little longer? You’re exhausted, your muscles are shaking and burning, but you think to yourself, “Just one more rep,” or “Just two more minutes.” It hurts, but you know it’ll be worth it in the end. In a well-known hadith, the Prophet (saws) said, “No doubt, coming after you are days of patience and perseverance. Having perseverance… Read more

Whenever you’re going through a tough time in your life and feel like nobody can understand your situation or feel what you’re feeling, remember: – Financial problems – Poverty – Depression – Abandonment – Homelessness – Loneliness – Abuse (even by relatives) – Bullying – Marital problems – Identity crisis – Skepticism by others – Criticism by others – Slander by others – Trials and hardships of war – Death of parents – Death of children – Death of spouse -… Read more

I still remember how I felt, as a child, when walking past the intimate apparel section of a department store: it was equally awkward and curiosity-provoking. Although these areas usually seemed deserted, I felt the need to pass by them quickly, feeling out-of-place as a little girl who had no need to hang around there. The articles of clothing hanging in these departments seemed to be for much older females — grown women who had reached a level of physical… Read more

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