Why Worship

The gods aren’t obligated to smooth my way through life, and my personal betterment isn’t the end goal. That’s a side effect. [Read more…]


People ask me my name and I don’t know what to tell them. They ask me what I do for a living and I don’t know what to tell them. They ask me how I’m doing, and I think, “Which one of me?” [Read more…]

How to Write a Pagan Book

Step One: Hubris [Read more…]

There are Fucking Witches in North Carolina

Too many of us buy into this nonsense about the “Bible Belt” and then don’t even bother looking because we’ve already defeated ourselves. [Read more…]

“Warrior”: Musings on Martial Arts, Paganism, and Victimhood

I’d rather be a “fencer” or a “swordswoman” or a “fighter.” In thinking about my past, increasingly, I’m also okay with being “victim.” Stigma be damned. Let’s call it what it was. [Read more…]

Advice for the Absolute Beginner Wiccan

I’ve been writing about more complex issues in witchcraft and Paganism for the last couple of years and focusing on my specific tradition. In doing so, I’ve sort of forgotten how to address more fundamental questions. [Read more…]

Five Signs You Shouldn’t Run a Pagan Group

There’s nothing wrong with having leadership aspirations. There’s nothing wrong with having fantasies, either. Those things are healthy and can inform the goals you set for yourself. Here are some clues that you still have some things to work on before taking up that role in your own community. [Read more…]

Post-Halloween Musings

Thoughts on seasonal lulls, work, and bowhunting on Halloween. [Read more…]

All Witchcraft All the Time

I don’t, in fact, live in the witchcraft fantasyland that I sometimes appear to occupy on the Internet. [Read more…]

I Am Not Your Teacher (Unless You’re On My Roster)

There’s a difference between what I do in a classroom and what I do as a high priestess. And my teaching stops when I leave school. [Read more…]