There are people who jump from coven to coven, tradition to tradition, looking for someone to give them something real, some secret that will change everything, and those people will always be disappointed in the end. You have to reach out, yes. But you also have to go within. Read more

If there’s a hierarchy, there’s a power differential by definition. And healthy friendships do not include power differentials. Read more

Setting up an altar or shine is often the first step in building a personal practice. As a priestess of many years working to break out of stagnation, setting things aside and starting fresh proved more challenging than I thought it would be. Read more

Sometimes the things that impact our magical practice the most over time aren’t earth-shaking. Read more

There have been times where I’ve felt like my group was going to implode, or I was going to crack and just not want to run it anymore. I’ve also screwed up pretty royally as a high priestess. I’ve hurt some feelings, and I’ve been hurt myself. I’ve had to go backwards and change course and admit to my mistakes. Here’s a little of what I’ve learned over the years. Read more

In worship, there’s no such thing as an empty going through the motions. The motions are important in and of themselves. Read more

Books impact us in many ways, and we often associate them with particular periods in our lives. Here are some of my most important. What are yours? Read more

The gods aren’t obligated to smooth my way through life, and my personal betterment isn’t the end goal. That’s a side effect. Read more

People ask me my name and I don’t know what to tell them. They ask me what I do for a living and I don’t know what to tell them. They ask me how I’m doing, and I think, “Which one of me?” Read more

Step One: Hubris Read more

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