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5 Things From 2012

Thoughts on the year in music, the future of Patheos Pagan, and the usual gripes and complaints about blogging. Seriously, I’ve had a great year, thank you all so much. [Read more…]

The New Testament and the Nativity

The Bible says very little about the birth of Jesus, and what it does say is often contradictory. What’s actually in there and is it literally true? Many people think they know the story of Jesus’ birth, yet what they know is an amalgamation of story and tradition and is quite different from what the New Testament tells its readers. [Read more…]

A Yule Ritual

Yule has long been one of my favorite Pagan high holy days. There’s a festive spirit in the air, and though most people don’t know it, most of them are celebrating right along with us (even if it’s a few days later). On the Winter Solstice we celebrate the return of the Sun and we do so with joy and love and devotion to our gods. [Read more…]

Sometimes Faith Has No Answer

I believe that my religious choice answers a lot of the big questions, but there are moments when it comes up lacking. [Read more…]

Noah’s Ark (Or Why Does Some Mythology Get a Free Pass?)

Noah has more in common with King Arthur or Hercules than he does with any known historical personage. He’s a character from the land of myth, but you’ll never here that in the mainstream media. Why are certain mythologies considered true in a literal sense, and others assigned to the realm of fantasy? [Read more…]

Pagans and The Hobbit

Friday brings yet another installment in Peter Jackson’s translation of Tolkien to the big screen. Middle Earth is in my Pagan (and geek) DNA, and to say I’m excited is probably an understatement. [Read more…]

The Mayan Calendar and the End of the World

About a year and a half ago I sat on a “Pagan Panel” with such luminaries as Selena Fox, Christopher Penczak, and Raven Grimassi. We were asked how the end of the Mayan calendar would affect Pagans. I answered honestly, “Well, when December 21st comes around, I’ll probably be at the bar.” [Read more…]

Christmas Is Not Yours or Mine: The True Origins of the Holiday Season

Every year I hear the same refrain “Put Christ back in Christmas,” and every year I shake my head. No one faith owns Christmas, it’s a combination of various elements, some pagan, some Christian, and some cultural. Christmas is not yours or mine, it simply is, and it belongs to anyone who cherishes it. [Read more…]

Outside Looking In (or Is Anybody Really Listening?)

Are the “controversies” that inspire the Pagan Blogosphere actually the issues that we as a community are wrestling with on a day to day basis? Or is there just a small group of Pagans shouting at each other in some small corner of the internet while everyone else is at circle singing whatever chant we are all still allowed to sing together? [Read more…]

Wrestling with Esbats

I’ve been running a small circle in my living room since March of this year. It’s been rather informal, while sticking to a few of the ritual tropes that my wife and I have been using for the last few years. When we were first starting out we met simply for esbats (more technically on [Read More…]