Talog Summer

I make no apologies for my lack of blog contributions these past few weeks, for this is 'Summer' and here in Wales our summers are desperately short and when we aren't having rain it's time to reconnect with nature. The computer is neglected, so are all other indoor activities, and with straw hat, gloves and basket I spend my days communing with creation and my Talog faeries.The 'garden', my hard fought for little level patch that sits perched within the wild wooded steep valley side, had … [Read more...]

Witch as Healer

Why Witches make good healersA witch generally has many healing tools in her Mary Poppins carpet bag, a knowledge of herbs, lithics (crystals), massage, dream analysis, and all manner of divination to mention but a few. She is therefore very capable of picking up on shadows of negativity in a persons aura whilst still in the spiritual plain, before they progress into the physical plain, and often while they are still lurking like a time bomb hidden within suppressed emotions on the emotional … [Read more...]

Spell for Friendship

Spell for Friendship and Sisterhood This spell is to be worked around the kitchen table or similar- have friends present if possible. you could make it an old fashioned tea party. Wear organic clothing, each individual pick their favourite colour of the rainbow, then come dressed in that colour. On the table have a beautiful mixed coloured candle or a cluster of many coloured ones; have a small bowl or basket with moonstones in it, one for each friend; have a plate (or several plates) of … [Read more...]

Fundamental Pagan Earth Knowledge

Pagan Parenting holds many responsibilities, and I think one of the most important duties is to teach one's children the virtues of Nature; for how can we use the craft without this knowledge; how can we heal ourselves and others, or know our totems if Mother Earth is alien to us.With the wonder of Nature unfurling through the year every parent should be readily using this as a tool for teaching their offspring the wonderment and virtue of creation. Each season is a myriad of potential … [Read more...]

Look Back And Remember

Please let this Summer Solstice 2010 with all the present pollution issues and political problems, serve to remind each and every member of humanity, no matter what faith or creed, that once not so long ago we all shared the same beliefs. We held a simple child-like wonderment of nature and sought the same answers from our Earth Mother. The archaeological record demonstrates that for over 30,000 years throughout the globe we held the same embrace of spirituality, a universal belief that a … [Read more...]

Summer Solstice Ritual of Positivity

Summer Solstice Ritual of Positivity and Change.Dragon is the theme, red and gold the colours, noon the time. Dress self (and altar) with flame and fire colours. Have a wind chime hung where it can catch the random breeze– to create noise/music. Have a large red candle (or in your cauldron sticks for burning). and appropriate oils, incense etc.Cast your circle and sit – face the sun (or South) with eyes closed- breath deeply and feel the spirit of the South fill you. Now light your fire /or b … [Read more...]

Summer Solstice- Hear the Goddess Talk

This is another suggestion for Family/Coven activities during the Summer Solstice 'camp'- I call it 'Hearing the Goddess talk.'No I do not mean you must have a visitation, not deep meditation or breathing exercise, this is a straight forward 'hands on' approach. This activity is inspired through the visiting of many less than spectacular stone circles here in the UK and asking myself “Why build it here?” Many archaeologists will argue the theory of clan demonstrative territory demarcation but … [Read more...]

Summer Solstice- God’s Eye

Midsummer Solstice CelebrationThis is the longest day, a day devoted to the Sun, a masculine day. The Goddess is heavily pregnant with the fruit of creation and just as Beltane was Her lusty celebration giving glory to fertility, now she is full and focused. This celebration marks the strength and power of the sun who is needed to continue nurturing and protecting, for the job of creation is not yet fulfilled and potentially volatile.This is masculinity at its best, the time of the Sun god, … [Read more...]

White Witch Day

White Witch dayMonthly Ritual of ‘Craft Solidarity’My coven uses the 11th of each month; it is a power number and well suited; to ensure the day is a visible declaration of pure Goddess intent make it a WHITE day.Wear white clothes, as you do the housework, to the office, tie a white ribbon in daughter’s hair for the day at school, or men wear a white button hole. If you are really motivated bring it into every sector of your day, light white candles instead of using light bulbs, make a … [Read more...]


Sitting in the sunshine, I began pondering and for a strange combination of reasons, (our recent general election and the fact that there has been a Rabi convention at the local University), my mind turned to politics and world major 'cock-ups' , in particular Hitler and the German treatment of the Jews.Knowing that I am probably more guilty than most at only partaking in the 'political circus' when it really matters, I reflected that people like myself need to be more responsible, for it is … [Read more...]