About Rua Lupa

Permaculture Designer, Wildlife Technician Alumna, Founder of Ehoah, Saegoah, Naturalist (Both in studying Natural History & Naturalism), Bioregionalist, and Citizen of Earth.

Look & Find – Rocky Shore

Rocky Shore By Rua Lupa The Great Freshwater Island, Lake Huron, Ontario, Canada

Look & Find the Critter in the Photo.
Difficulty Level: Medium [Read more...]

Cultural Quandaries: Home Design


How our homes are a bit of a blunder in how they currently function. Learn how you can change that through sustainable passive design. [Read more...]

Look & Find – Along The Boardwalk

Along The Boardwalk By Rua Lupa

Look & Find the Critter in the Photo
Difficulty Level: Medium [Read more...]

Are We Becoming Bionic?

Image Credit: Sellingpix

Technology is something we use right? What if it has become the other way around? [Read more...]

In a World of Floods & Droughts – There is A Solution.

Rain Fall Records

With flash floods, record breaking daily rainfalls, severe droughts alongside more broken records this summer, it seems that there is no end to these natural disasters. The truth is there is a solution and there are already places that have seen these disasters come to an end. [Read more...]

A Saegoah Styled Wedding – or Bonding Ceremony

Enchanted Forest Wedding Invitation by akdreamweaver

A Saegoah Wedding is called a Bonding Ceremony, and it is typically done between Transequinox & Equinox when the weather is warm, food is plentiful, and if conception occurs the offspring arrives when most life does – in spring. As it is now that time of year, here are a couple of Bonding Ceremonies. One Public, and one Personal. [Read more...]