About Rua Lupa

Permaculture Designer, Wildlife Technician Alumna, Founder of Ehoah, Saegoah, Naturalist (Both in studying Natural History & Naturalism), Bioregionalist, and Citizen of Earth.

Look & Find – Spring Floor

2015_5-May 121

Look and find the critter in the photo! [Read more...]

Saegoah Pursuits: Gardening with Rainwater Harvesting Earthworks, A Photo Essay


Because I strive to live harmoniously within Nature as a Saegoah many conventional methods of doing things gets thrown out the window, like my garden. It is unlike any garden in town because it is self fertile and as of this spring, self watering as well. In the process of making it I got a great many odd looks and even laughed at by those passing by. The following is a photo essay of the process and end result of this endeavor. [Read more...]

Earth Ltd. Nature, Capitalism, Politics, Humanity

"Blue Marble" via WikiCommons Modified by Rua Lupa

We conglomeratively create and influence Politics and the Economy. Thus we are conglomeratively responsible, just like a company is responsible for the damages they do. [Read more...]

Look & Find – Finally Flowing After Long Winter

'Finally Flowing After Long Winter' by Rua Lupa. Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

Find The Critters In The Photo [Read more...]

Cultural Quandaries: Spring & Sex


What would we do if we were to align procreating celebration themes with how Nature normally does it – with the time frame of having your offspring in spring? This would mean human procreating themes in Late Summer not Spring. [Read more...]

Festivities of Natural Annual Events Around The World: Borealis Translux (Midway Equinox & Solstice)

Original Images by PZmaps, used under Creative Commons.

An overview of global seasons and resulting celebrations during the midpoint between the equinox & solstice. [Read more...]