About Rua Lupa

Permaculture Designer, Wildlife Technician Alumna, Founder of Ehoah, Saegoah, Naturalist (Both in studying Natural History & Naturalism), Bioregionalist, and Citizen of Earth.

Saegoah Kalendar Now Available + Cervid Constellation Pumpkin Carving Patterns

Saegoah Kalendar

The Saegoah Kalendar is finally here! Also, you can get your own Cervid Constellation Pumpkin Carving Pattern as well – just in time for Halloween, Samhain, and Transnox. [Read more...]

Look & Find – Barren Tree

Barren Tree - By Rua Lupa The Great Freshwater Island, Lake Huron, Ontario, Canada

Look & Find the Critter in the Photo.
Difficulty Level: Easy to Medium [Read more...]

DIY Autumn Adventures – Dyeing with Goldenrod


Learn how to make and use dye from goldenrod. [Read more...]

The Disconnect of Our Impacts – Are You Contributing To The Problem? Halloween Issue

the connection between chocolate and child labor

We are able to find so many things conveniently and affordably from all over the world. But this comes at a price that is not included on the tag. Be sure to not be part of the problem this Halloween. [Read more...]

DIY Autumn Adventures – Fruiting Trees

Check Out Them Apples

You can enjoy the fruits of harvest wherever you are. This is a great time of year to pick some fruit in your neighbourhood. It can be surprising how many people have fruiting trees with no intention of harvesting the bounty, but who will share if asked — giving you the opportunity to pick, plant, and preserve with local fruit. [Read more...]

Look & Find – Walk Along The Dirt Road

Walk Along The Dirt Road By Rua Lupa

Look & Find the Critter in the Photo.
Difficulty Level: Hard [Read more...]