About Rua Lupa

Permaculture Designer, Wildlife Technician Alumna, Founder of Ehoah, Saegoah, Naturalist (Both in studying Natural History & Naturalism), Bioregionalist, and Citizen of Earth.

The Story Behind The Ehoah Phrases – Words To Draw Connections With Our Place In The Cosmos

Image Credit: Rua Lupa

Some reading this may likely already recognize the words Lux and Nox – Latin used elsewhere in popular books and movies. They simply mean Light/Day and Dark/Night. Why are they used here? [Read more...]

Annual Nature Celebrations Around The World: Borealis Transequilux (Midway Global Solstice & Equinox)

Original Images by PZmaps, used under Creative Commons.

Celebrations around the world for this time of year! [Read more...]

Look & Find – Horsetail Valley

Horestail Valley by Rua Lupa. The Great Freshwater Island, Ontario, Canada.

Look & Find the critters in the horsetail valley! [Read more...]

Land – Ownership, Entitlement, Public, Private, Commons & Crown. What Is The Best Way?

Image Source: Presentation by Robin Moore and NLI Neighborhood Charrette,

“Land is for everyone” some claim, while others complain that “The public abuses the land!” What approach is best? [Read more...]

Look & Find – In The Evergreens

In The Evergreens by Rua Lupa. The Great Freshwater Island, Ontario, Canada.

Look & Find the critter in the photo. In The Evergreens. [Read more...]

Cultural Quandaries: Earth’s Civil Calendar. How did we end up with the calendar we have anyway?

Apollo 11 Mission, Image Credit: NASA

Ever wonder how the calendar we use came to be? Why our year is divided the way it is, how the names of these divisions arose and why New Year’s day is where it is? Well wonder no more! Here is the most concise summary of our calendar’s history answering all these questions, including others you may not of thought to consider, and reveals some dilemmas that come with it. [Read more...]