It’s cold

The above picture, is my driveway. No, this is not the morning after a large snowstorm. It always looks like that. Well, from about November to April it does.
It’s not that we have that many snowstorms during the winter, it just never gets warm enough to melt. So every time it snows it piles on top of the snow that was already there.
It stays below zero Celsius (That’s 32F) for about 5 months, meaning that we never go above freezing. Actually, the temperatures are rarely ever above -6 C (20F), so the roads are hardly ever salted. Salt will not melt snow at those temps.
So the road outside my house looks like this.
Oh sure, when we get a snow storm, the city comes through with Caterpillars to scrape the roads, and they even clear the end of each driveway of the snow that they shoved to the side. But they never scrape all the way down to the pavement, and the road is never truly cleared.

They do spread sand at each intersection to make it easier for cars to stop.
I’ve gotten more used to the winter since we moved to Canada 2 years ago, but I am still surprised by the weird sensation you get in your lungs when the temps are below -25C(-13F) and the way your eyeballs hurt when it gets below -30C (-22 F).
Even weirder, are the people that wait at the bus with just a coat and no gloves. Or a baseball cap covering their head when all the people around them are bundled up beyond recognition.
Kids are out sledding if the temps are above -17C (Zero F) and if we get all the way up to about -8C (17 F) the kids walk to high school wearing nothing but a hoodie.
They only cancel school if daytime highs are not slated to get above -30 (-22F).
And this is not even mentioning the wind chills. You barely even notice the cold if there is not a wind. But walk (I mean RUN!) through the grocery store parking lot in a 20 mile and hour wind, and your entire face is stiff and numb by the time you make it to the doors!
Plus if there is a wind, we usually have blowing snow. Since it is hardly ever warm enough for the snow to melt even a little, that means it is still loose and sandy. So even a little wind sends it blowing and drifting, all over.
So yeah, it’s cold where I live.
What’s the weather like by you?

  • This Heavenly Life

    I'm so glad you posted this! It's positively BALMY here, compared with where you live :) Today, we're at 31F, and yesterday, it was 45F. Niiiiiice. But we expect 'moderate' snowfall on Thursday, which –around here– means 2 – 4 inches of snow, most likely. It will shut down the schools, and mothers like me will hunker down and shudder at the sight of a slippery driveway :)

    And then, it will melt by Monday. What a rough weekened we're in for, eh?

  • Pippi

    Right now, it's raining miserably after snow and ice showers the previous night. And the schools had a 2-hour delay because of it. Hehe.

  • Melanie B

    You make me feel silly about grumbling about the snow and cold here in Massachusetts.

  • Rebecca

    I'm glad I don't live where you live!

    We are just now seeing grass (after an unusual 50 degree day), but I'm sure the snow in the next couple of days will take care of that.

  • That Married Couple

    Wow, that is something! I'm so glad it's not that cold where I am. We've had snow a few times and were below freezing for a week, and my husband and I were lamenting ever leaving Texas!

  • Praises from a Wife and Mommy!

    I am in WI so we are in the same boat… Where are you located?

  • Rach

    Chicago is also cold, but not that bad! Someday I want to move to the tropics…

  • Young Mom

    Sarah- Actually I don't miss the sloppy gray messy snow, so sometimes the cold isn't too bad.

    Pippi- That always makes me smile to read about area's where everything shuts down over a little rain or snow. :)

    Melanie- Blah! Cold and snow is cold and snow. I can't wait for spring!

    Rebecca- Grass! Ahhhh! I remember feeling estatic seeing grass in the spring after our first winter here. Winter is definetly longer than I was used too.

    Elizabeth- Under freezing for only a week? You live in the tropics. :) On the other hand, you probably deal with way more bugs than I have too. They all die out up here, I haven't seen so much as a knat in over 3 months.

    Wife and Mommy- If you private message me (I couldn't find your email?) I can get more specific.

    Rach- We joke about moving to the tropics everytime it gets down to -40. Not sure if it will ever happen, but it's nice to dream about when it's cold!

  • Anonymous

    It's a little chilly in Houston today – we are in the 60s. Our winters are very mild, but do we ever have bugs. Nasty ones, biting ones, huge ones, flying ones. Can I come live with you? The cold doesn't sound so bad now that I think about our bugs!

  • Scott Morizot

    Austin has been chilly the past week or so. It's even dipped below freezing a few nights. :P

  • Michelle

    Yeah, I really ought not complain about our weather, huh?

    We've had one big snowstorm…it was a week ago and we still have some snow on the ground, though it is disappearing. But tomorrow we're in for some more snow.

    I just can't stand all that cold…it's cold enough where I live. I need to move to Florida or something! ;)

  • CM

    Last year I complained about the cold and snow, but this year I would like more cold and snow. There's not enough for snowshoeing! It's unusually warm here, the last couple of days have been in the 30's and 40's. It rained yesterday, and there was no ice.

  • Dakotapam

    I'm in Bismarck, North Dakota. My front yard, driveway and street looks just like yours. They NEVER cancel school here. Oh wait, two years ago we had a massive blizzard, and school was canceled, for the first time in 12 years! Today it was -13F when my 14 year old walked to the bus stop, and that was not including the wind chill. The wind is almost always blowing in North Dakota.

    On the upside, since moving here I was introduced to a regular showing of snow frost, which is truly a masterpiece of God. Next time I see it I am taking my camera with me!

  • Jennifer

    Here in SW FL it was 76 today :) While I don't miss snow, it'd be nice to wear one of my 4 sweaters before "winter" is over!

  • Young Mom

    Anonymous- Yep, the thought of bugs are a pretty strong deterant for me.

    Scott- Haha! Thanks.

    Michelle- I think it's kind of relative really, like your gauge of coldness changed based on your experience.

    CM- Bummer. Maybe I can send some cold your way. :)

    DakotaPam- The snow frost is gorgeous! I have way to many pictures from this spring. :)

  • Maria

    Wow! That's crazy! It reminds me of my Canadian college roommate having no idea what a "snow day" was. I'm homebound for the next several weeks due to a broken ankle, and I can't say I mind missing out on even the 25 F weather…I literally can't imagine what 25 below feels like!

  • claire

    I'm in Asia right now for a short spell. Everyone here complains of the cold. It gets down to 50F at night, so we're practically icicles… :)

  • Young Mom

    Maria- I don't think I'd ever experienced -25 before I moved here, so it was a bit of a shock.

    Claire- Hahaha!

  • Calah

    wow. I feel really bad for complaining about the weather yesterday…it was 67 F here in Las Vegas. I never feel like it's winter here because it's rarely truly cold, and hardly ever snows. I love snow! But snow has always been a novelty. I don't think I would love it as much if I had to live in it for months at a time.

    I also cannot imagine what 25 below feels like. I would probably never go outside.