The Rights of a Child

The following is one of my few rants I’ve allowed myself on this blog. But don’t take my word for it, watch the fear-mongering preview yourself, and be sure to read the UN convention as well.

Cue the scary music, flashy lighting, and sobbing parents…
Michael Farris is at it again. Can you believe that our government doesn’t provide exclusive rights in the constitution for parents to control every single aspect of their child’s life? Even worse (Dun… Dun… Dun…) the USA might decide to sign the UN conventions rights of a child at any time, and then Christians probably won’t even be allowed to be parents anymore. (Never mind that every other country in the world has agreed to this form, with the exception of Somalia who doesn’t have any government to sign it.)

This evil document, actually argues that children have the right to not be punished harshly, and we all know that means that pretty soon we won’t even be allowed to punish our children at all. If American Christians don’t stand up and fight for their parental rights and keep their government from signing such a form, pretty soon we won’t even be allowed to raise our children within our religion. (I’m not sure how Farris explains away articles 14 and 30, which directly state that children have the right to be raised within the culture and religion of their family.)

In this exciting new documentary, Michael Farris and his cohorts illustrate vividly (with the usual bad Christian acting) the evils that can happen when children actually have rights.

Your children may be read children’s stories in school that depict a family consisting of something other than Mom, Dad and 2.1 children. Gasp! Can you believe that they are reading anything that might illustrate the reality of over 50% of families in the world today? There is no way you can repair the immense damage done by a book read in Grade school (You know, by like talking to your child or explaining your beliefs and values as well as respect for others) because once a child hears a children’s book like this, nothing you say will ever influence them again. Watch this terrifying preview, and you will see how if you as an angry parent rush to the school and rage threateningly at the butch female principal, you will be dragged to a police car while the school officials watch sinisterly from the window.

In this preview, you will see the scary courtroom proceedings of a teen aged son who dared to disagree with his parents’ church attendance habits. You will watch as the gavel falls and the judge declares that the son must only attend church a measly once a week. You will see the shock on the parents faces, as they refuse to believe that they actually have to discuss anything with their child, or ever compromise in any way. They are the parents after all, don’t they have exclusive rights to dictate every aspect of their child’s life? Because of their apparent lack of communication and negotiation skills, they let this go all the way to court, hoping that someone else could force their teen aged son do exactly what they told him to do, only to have the judge mete out a compromise? How dare anyone defy their ultimate authority?

The UN rights of a child is so dangerous to families (particularly American families apparently, since the rest of the world seems to still function despite having ratified this treaty) that is not enough to just keep our government from signing this evil document that argues that children have the right to an education and should not be subject to child labor, we must add an amendment to our constitution to insure that American parents will always be able to “control and direct their child’s upbringing”. Heaven forbid anyone can ever step in to confront the almighty parent, father always knows best after all. If we ignore these dire circumstances, pretty soon “every parenting decision will have to go through the filter of the UN”. (What? You are going to potty train your 3 year old? Better get it screened by the UN first.)

Act now! Because not only does this evil treaty put the rights of every parent at risk, it also puts children in danger of being “exploited and abused”. Because saying that children have the right to clean water and should not be forced to be a child soldier is just taking advantage of them. And never mind that 81% of child abuse is inflicted by the child’s parents, that’s just what big bad government wants you to believe, so that they can get away with their wicked scheme of exploiting the entirety of the world’s children through bureaucracy. We have to “protect children by empowering parents” because if we just pretend hard enough that abusive parents don’t exist, they will all just go away.

And of course, they are asking for money, big surprise there.

Click here to read Part 2.

  • Enigma

    I LOVE THIS. I mean good lord people. You would rather ammend the constitution than learn how to have a relationship with your kids? The only way somthing like this could end up in court is if your keds find you so unreasonable that they are forced to turn somwhere else for help. If you have THAT kind of relationship with ur kid i think you have much more serious things problems worry about.

    That being said, i'm not a fan of the UN convention becuase if we sign it, it means that it overrules all our american laws. Which makes us less self-governing. But it's better then nothing. We need to get somthing like it in place here in the US ASAP

  • Rebekah

    Gee, who knew that kids could think for themselves? I thought humans inherited a brain only once turning 18 yrs old. And even then (in some families) it comes with training wheels.

    That's some first-rate fear mongering going on in that video.

  • Rebecca

    I hear you, but do you think that signing the agreement will actually make any difference for children? I mean, the UN so often is powerless to effect change and actually tends to just pontificate. And the government already has the power to challenge abusive practices by parents.

  • Young Mom

    Rebecca- Since children are still abused in all countries, I actually don't think that ratifying the treaty would do all that much, but it is a start to at least aknowledge that children are people, and deserve to live decent lives. That's part of what makes the Conservative right's position so sad. Not only are they spreading lies about the amount of control this document actually has, but they truly believe that a child does not deserve the rights listed. And Michael Farris takes it one step farther by creating an amendment to limit the government's power to challenge abusive parents.

  • berenike

    I wouldn't have my government sign anything produced by a UN committee these days (except perhaps on a not going to war subject, or some such). Doesn't the US have child abuse laws?

    Follow some of the politicking, and the folk who do it, that produces these things, and see how enthusiastic you are about them.

  • Young Mom

    Enigma-Since the UN is not policing the care of billions of children around the world, I'm pretty sure thats not how it works. A bunch of countries (including the USA) participated in writing the convention, and by signing it a country is just saying that they agree that these rights exist, and that they will seek to put policy in place to support those rights in their own country. It means that the convention could be quoted in court. It does not mean that every case of violated rights gets resolved by the UN, it doesn't even mean that each country that signs the treaty will actually seek to implement it's policy. It's kind of like the Geneva convention on the treatment of Prisoners of war, everyone agrees that treatment of POW should be humane.

  • Libby Anne

    "But it is a start to at least acknowledge that children are people" – THIS. See, the way I heard it, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child was bad BECAUSE IT SAID CHILDREN HAD RIGHTS. And children don't have rights. Children belong to their parents, and saying anything different takes away from parents' property rights, er, I mean rights to raise their children as they see fit! It's such BULLSHIT.

    Also, Enigma, that last part parrots what Michael Farris told you, I know it because I heard it too. I think it's important to realize that everything you EVER heard from Michael Farris is incredible suspect and is likely an outright lie. At the very least you should investigate what actual experts say on something you heard Michael Farris say before repeating it. The same goes for Ken Ham, Doug Phillips, and all the rest. It sucks, but it's true! You can't trust ANYTHING you heard growing up – and nor can I.

  • Bethany

    What?! Everyone knows that children don't have rights; they're not even people yet!

    As an adult, I've come to realize that the desperate and fearful counter-campaigns like this show that these homeschool leaders and parents KNOW what they're doing is wrong. They try to place the blame on the government for being wrong, but they know that what they're doing to their children is unacceptable by everyone else's standards.

    (You know I'm talking about the abuse and not the education methods, right?)

    If they truly felt peace about the way they were treating their children, they would have no reason to fear. Period.

  • Anonymous

    Who is this Farris guy? And does anyone see the irony of pro-life people refusing to acknowledge the personhood of children, when we're trying to convince the world that they're individuals with rights before they're even born?

    I've never heard of Farris, but then I'd never heard of the Ezzos or the Pearls before finding out about them on various blogs. I've never heard anyone at my church talk about them either . . . and I've been there for 20 years, since I became a Christian at age 21. Maybe that means their philosophies are becoming extinct? Let's hope.

    Glad you're back after a few quiet weeks! Sorry for posting anonymously — my google account is being crabby.

  • Melanie

    Gotta love the beginning of the trailer: "Millions of American parents are losing their rights…"
    Oh, but it doesn't matter about the children's rights, does it? :-P *sarcastic

    Young Mom, thanks for explaining about the amount of participation of the UN and the convention…. I had wondered about that, but what you said makes sense!

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, your support of this U.N. document is based upon only one dimension of what you deem to be children's rights. You are worried about physical abuse, and possibly, cultish religious practices. Both worthy causes.

    But you fail to see all the other real issues that come into play here. There are many, many other concerns parents might have that have nothing to do with physical abuse.

    Yes, children have rights. But in another sense, they don't. Their limited life experiences, their lack of education at certain ages, their spontaneous nature, the evil that exists out there, the ability of the world to rip innocence away, and a million other aspects that come with youth are the reason why parents are supposed to be parents – protecting them and making decisions for them, etc.

    In the U.S., no protection of rights or entitlement has ever been reversed. If you give this U.N. thing wheels, it IS the slippery slope. And I say this as someone who understands where you're coming from.

  • Libby Anne

    Anonymous – Nice slippery slope argument, and nice lack of evidence of any kind for your argument. Nice.

  • Young Mom

    Bethany- "If they truly felt peace about the way they were treating their children, they would have no reason to fear. Period."

    Amen! Since I changed the way I treated my kids, all fears of government and CPS were gone in an instant.

    Nancy- It is incredibly ironic! They fight for every child to live, but they don't care how they are treated after birth.

    Melanie- I'm still wondering who these "millions" of american parents are? Wouldn't this be a news story.

    Anonymous- It's strange how you people are always anonymous. Obviously children have a limited experience and ability (depending on their age) to make their own descisions, which is why they rely on their parents to keep them safe and cared for, which is why we need recognition and action when parents fail to do so.

  • Caravelle

    @Enigma: "That being said, i'm not a fan of the UN convention becuase if we sign it, it means that it overrules all our american laws. Which makes us less self-governing."

    Cry me a river. What do you think "self-governing" means ? If the US chooses to sign a treaty that means the US agrees to what the treaty says; damn right it "overrules" "all our american laws", it COUNTS AS an "american law". What, is the problem that people from other countries contributed to the actual writing of the treaty ? If the US agrees with what they wrote I fail to see the problem.

    Talking about "self-governing" as doing stuff with no input or regard for anyone else makes me think of a spoiled child who'll not have anyone Tell Them What To Do, dammit !!!

    Oh, and that child happens to be the biggest and strongest kid on the playground who routinely bosses everyone around as is their prerogative, being the biggest and strongest kid on the playground.

    I think the role the US had in creating the UN is to their credit, and a sign that as superpowers go they're more benign than, say, Great Britain or France or Rome were, but seriously, YOU GUYS are worried about being "self-governing" ? And it's THE UN you're feeling threatened by ?

    My country hasn't been self-governing, or a country, for centuries. Believe me, the UN convention for the rights of the child had nothing to do with it. Heck, if the UN had existed all those centuries ago we might still BE a country. (whatever "country" ended up meaning in this mind-boggling parallel world I just made up)

  • Rebecca

    I think I understand where you're coming from but I don't know that all conservatives thinks kids don't deserve rights. I think they are just a bit suspicious of the government and the potential for the government to abuse its power in regards to parents. But I agree that it's probably an overkill response to the UN document.