Breakfast Links for 10/31/12: The Hurricane God?; Old Questions for New Agers; Evangelical Hamster Balls


Jaweed Kaleem, Huff Post Religion: Does God Cause Hurricanes?

Marc Barnes, Pathos/Bad Catholic: “The hurricane relieves us. The things we seek to fend off despair with, the things we secretly doubt have any ability to bring us happiness, all of these are decimated in the face of the Frankenstorm. What does your money matter, when there is a whirlpool of destruction bearing down on rich and poor alike?”

Joe Carter, Patheos/Commonplace: “My primary concern about illegal immigration is more basic: It’s about fairness and rewarding individuals for doing the wrong thing while punishing families who are doing what is right.”

Philip Jenkins, Real Clear Religion: Old Questions for New Agers

Thomas Kid, Patheos/The Anxious Bench: “Above all, whatever you say or don’t say about the election, preach God’s sovereignty over politics and all human affairs. God will not be surprised by any electoral outcome, nor will his purposes be confounded.”

Steve Huntley: Why Obama’s Trust Level has Eroded

Daniel A. Siedell, Patheos/Cultivare: “But to seek the good of our neighbors, to roll up our sleeves and get into the fields, we have to get out of our hamster balls. Although they help us see (and control) the world around us, our little hamster balls don’t let us hear a thing.”

Michael Tomasky, The Daily Beast: Romney’s Closing Con Game

Peter Enns, Patheos/Peter Enns: “Evans takes aim at one specific issue that will be sure to divide even more clearly between fan and critic: what would it look like to take seriously the idea of being a “biblical woman,” i.e., what would it look like if women did what the Bible actually says?”

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review Online: The Wages of Libya – Heads Will Roll

Adrian Warnock, Patheos/Adrian Warnock: Why vote? “Because we will be accountable before God as a nation for the choices our democratically elected officials make since we elected them, whether we voted or not.”

Peter J. Leithart, First Things: The Church Is Always On the Cross

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  • Bobby B.

    Tim, After VP Biden’s crude “cue balls” comment, I was afraid that the headline “Evangelical hamster balls” was an off color anatomical reference. Glad I was wrong. Keep up the good work.

    • Timothy Dalrymple