Archives for June 27, 2012

Sexuality Project: Sex Education and the Body, Qs. 3, 4 and 5

This is an installment of the Religious Fundamentalism and Sexuality Project. You can read the full list of questions here and the posting plan here. The first six participants whose stories I’ll be posting are Melissa and Haley, Lina and V, Latebloomer and Katy-Anne. Sex Education and the Body 3. What kind of sex education did you receive, if any? [Read More…]

Things I Love About Being a Millennial

I didn’t anticipate the outpouring of energy I’d see on all sides after my response to David McCullough’s commencement speech. It’s been a very interesting 48 hours! Following up that post, I want to talk about good inheritances: things that the parents and grandparents of the Millennials did right. My original response to McCullough was [Read More…]

Libby Anne reviews Brave, and comes to different conclusions

Libby Anne at Love, Joy, Feminism reviewed Pixar’s Brave right after I did. Apparently, we saw it at the same time! Check out her review here: A Brave Review: My baggage gets in the way I always find it really interesting when Libby and I come to different conclusions about popular media or issues, given that [Read More…]