Archives for June 29, 2012

Sexuality Project: Sex Education and the Body, Q. 7

This is an installment of the Religious Fundamentalism and Sexuality Project. You can read the full list of questions here and the posting plan here. The first six participants whose stories I’ll be posting are Melissa and Haley, Lina and V, Latebloomer and Katy-Anne. Sex Education and the Body 7. What were you taught about LGBTQ issues? Looking back, what [Read More…]

The Phoenix and Olive Branch: What’s in a Name?

What kind of obscure title is that, anyway? What does it mean? It’s a symbol of the way my thinking has changed since leaving fundamentalism. Let me explain. I was raised to be a dove. Gentle, innocent, inoffensive. Daughters of Christian Patriarchy must be meek, obedient, quiet, modest and pleasant. Submissive. Nurturing. Smiling. At all [Read More…]

Evangelical Christian Textbooks, Indoctrination and Non-Learning

Gwen Sharp at Sociological Images recently published this post about evangelical Christian textbooks: A Close Look at Some Evangelical Textbooks An excerpt from Gwen’s post: Humans and dinosaurs co-existed. God designed “checks and balances” to prevent environmental crises, so chill! After all, “Roses are red, violets are blue; they both grow better with more CO2.” [Read More…]