Archives for July 20, 2012

Slacktivist: When a lack of anger reveals a lack of love

Fred Clark recently posted one of the most powerful endorsements of anger at injustice I have ever seen. It’s especially relevant to ex-fundamentalist bloggers, since we are regularly accused of anger and bitterness, as though having emotions invalidates everything we say. Imagine a big muscle-bound biker walks up, knocks you over and steps on your [Read More…]

Gloating and Slander: Michael Pearl, Nancy Ann Wilson, and Christian Fundamentalist Responses to Criticism

Femina has been lighting up like a Christmas tree since The Gospel Coalition blog post that threw Doug Wilson into the spotlight for arguing that egalitarian sexual relationships were unnatural and that if “authority and submission” aren’t honored in sex, men turn to rape to fulfill their animal urges. Now Wilson’s wife, Nancy Ann, has joined [Read More…]

Changes afoot!

Hang tight, everybody! We’re going to Patheos! (The new URL will be, but you’ll be redirected anyway.) The Phoenix and Olive Branch is about to join its sister sites No Longer Quivering and Love, Joy, Feminism on Patheos. I’m very excited to be part of Patheos’ ever-expanding conversation. Here’s a preview of some of [Read More…]