The Final Rite of Witching

If there was a universal rite of witch-making, what do you think it would look like? I wrote a dedication ritual using this very inspiration, and I think it would be a very simple but powerful ritual of initiation. Read more

Humanitarian Efforts within the Pagan/Magical Community

This was a reminder of how lucky I feel to be part of the magical community and to feel the support and genuine love that Pagans and fellow practitioners have for one another, it is a feeling of true brother/sisterhood. Read more

Finding My Tribe and Re-Claiming Sovreignty

Finding one’s space in the wider pagan community can be an exciting but daunting experience. Here are some of my experiences from the past couple of months during my adventure in St. Petersburg, Florida! Read more

The Devil is in the Details: Lucifer, the Devil, and Satan

There are so many symbols, myths and folklore attached to our idea of the entity known commonly as the Devil; and it is this quality that makes this figure so intriguing to me. Read more

An Evening With Deadly Nightshade

The Path of Poisons is treacherous, and its powerful denizens will quickly overcome the unprepared. Read more

A Witch’s Halloween

Now is the time to let you witch flag fly!  Even if you are still in the broom closet, this time of year affords us the ability to experience what it would be like to embrace the magic in one’s everyday life. Read more

The Eternal Denizens of All Hallow’s Eve

There is something uncanny in the air during this time, whether you observe Samhain, All Soul’s Day or celebrate Halloween it is undeniable that the air is thick with spirit energy during this time. Read more

The Arcane Art of Halloween Decorating

Halloween decorations are part of the magic of the season, I love seeing the diverse ways that people decorate and celebrate this festive holiday! Read more

A Blessing from Land, Sky and Sea

On my mother’s last day in St. Petersburg the two of us joined in a beautiful and simple blessing of flowers and scented smokes, asking the spirits of land, sky and sea to purify us and gift us with a blessing in exchange for our offerings. Read more

Exploring a New Pagan Community-St. Petersburg Florida

This is the first article Ive written since moving to Florida on October 2nd 2017. There is so much that St. Petersburg, FL has to offer for the Pagan and magical community as well as Pagan vacationers. Read more

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