A Traditional Witch’s Love Affair With History

“The gods of the old religion become the demons of the new;” is a common saying in the study of religious history. Are the pagan deities of antiquity part of a collective of spirits who aligned with our pursuits, and answer to the call of ‘devil?” [Read more…]

Bones, Blood and Poison: The Path of Traditional Witchcraft

Traditional witchcraft is a popular topic within the magical community. Traditional witches seek to understand the classical witchcraft practices that led to the development of the archetype of the witch as a source of strength against oppression. Classical images of witchcraft are embraced as symbols of power, leading to some confusion about what traditional witchcraft actually is. [Read more…]

Reading “The Luminous Stone” a Collection of Luciferian Essays

The image of a Witch Father and belief in a “witch mark” would remain part of traditional magical lore in Europe, and continue on to the colonies. [Read more…]

My First Time at ConVocation

A Gathering of Witches, Druids, Sorcerers, and the many practitioners of the Sorcerous Arte Come out from the Shadows, I wish I had sooner! Even though it has already been a week since the closing ceremony held in the banquet room of the Double-Tree Hilton; the events of ConVocation 2017 are fresh in my mind.  [Read More…]

Witchcraft in Fundamentalist Evangelicalism

Witchcraft in Fundamentalist Communities Within certain Fundamentalist Evangelical groups and other Fundamentalist Christian communities witchcraft is seen as a real and tangible threat.  This type of witchcraft happens on a frequent basis.  It is commonly defined as using spiritual forces to attain one’s ends.  It is committed within the Christian community often unknowingly by fellow Christians [Read More…]

The Hidden Light of the Dark Ages

The Magic of the Middle Ages The middle ages are often referred to as the Dark Ages because many important records from this time period either didn’t survive or were never written.  This was a time at the end of the decline of the Roman empire in the years before the Renaissance when there was [Read More…]

Nigel Pennick, Recognizing His Contribution to Traditional Witchcraft Studies

A Typical Academic Occultist, Pennick has varying areas of expertise British writer Nigel Campbell Pennick was born in Guilford, Surrey, England in 1946.  Over the years as an artist and illustrator, he has worked in many mediums in addition to the medium of writing.  growing up in England surrounded by its magical history provided Pennick [Read More…]

Mastering Herbalism: A Practical Guide (to Traditional Herbal Practice)

  A Complete Guide of Historical Plant-Based Practices-Science, Medicine and the Occult Paul Huson, British-born author and artist residing in the U.S. Huson has also worked extensively in the television and film making industry.  Born in 1942, Huson entered the Slade School of Fine Art at the University of London, until 1963.  While attending Slade, [Read More…]

The Popularity of Magic in Renaissance Europe

Popular Magic vs Learned Magic The 15th and 16th centuries were full of people both commoners and nobility who had a fascination with magic.  The superstitious era of the Middle Ages, and the propaganda of the Inquisition eventually gave way to the Renaissance combining intellectual and spiritual pursuits with a reverence for classical antiquity.   The [Read More…]

Persecution in Pursuit of Knowledge

Science, Occultism, and Heresy During the time of the Inquisition, free thinkers of all kinds were put on trial for various forms of heresy.  Numerous men and women were tried and put to death for their crimes.  By the 16th and 17th centuries the Church’s fear of heresy had reached a peak.  Not only were [Read More…]