The Eternal Denizens of All Hallow’s Eve

There is something uncanny in the air during this time, whether you observe Samhain, All Soul’s Day or celebrate Halloween it is undeniable that the air is thick with spirit energy during this time. Read more

The Arcane Art of Halloween Decorating

Halloween decorations are part of the magic of the season, I love seeing the diverse ways that people decorate and celebrate this festive holiday! Read more

A Blessing from Land, Sky and Sea

On my mother’s last day in St. Petersburg the two of us joined in a beautiful and simple blessing of flowers and scented smokes, asking the spirits of land, sky and sea to purify us and gift us with a blessing in exchange for our offerings. Read more

Exploring a New Pagan Community-St. Petersburg Florida

This is the first article Ive written since moving to Florida on October 2nd 2017. There is so much that St. Petersburg, FL has to offer for the Pagan and magical community as well as Pagan vacationers. Read more

Fort Wayne Pagan Pride Day-Poisoner’s Apothecary Workshop

This article is a recap of the workshop that I led at Fort Wayne Pagan Pride Day! The workshop discussed esoteric herbalism utilizing the nightshades. Read more

The Autumnal Equinox on the Poison Path

For Green Witches the Equinoxes are the perfect time for plant alchemy, a balance of the lunar and solar spheres give added force to the verdant operations of botanical sorcery. Read more

Contemplating Consciousness

As spiritual seekers we usually begin our paths contemplating the nature of our existence and what happens to our spirits once we no longer occupy a physical shell. However, the trappings of magic and spirit work can divert us from working with the closest spirit of them all-our own. Read more

Devil’s Breath: A Trick of the Nightshades

The Nightshade Alkaloids The plants traditionally associated with witchcraft have shared infamous reputations and prominent places in myth since antiquity.  They have been used in politics, medicine, and magic by diverse groups throughout history.  There are four plants within the same group that are quintessential to the lore of the witch.  Belladonna, Henbane, Mandrake, and Thorn Apple; are the most commonly mentioned in myth and medicine.  They belong to the genus Solanaceae and the family Solanum; commonly known as Nightshades. … Read more

The Peculiar Powers of Poison

The peculiar powers of poison are many and diverse. They have been used creatively throughout history in politics, warfare and witchcraft. Read more

Materialism, Impermanence, and Originality in Modern Witchcraft-Poisoner’s Apothecary

Have modern practitioners allowed too much importance to be placed on obtaining magical objects and working tools? Have modern witches become collectors of occult paraphernalia, hording their treasure trove like a greedy dragon? What happens when those objects are taken away? Read more

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