Saturn helps us prune away all that is detritus in our lives, as Cain the Farmer, he harvests that which can be used to build stronger foundations in our lives and makes room for new growth. Read more

A complex of shrines dedicated to the gods, the ancestors and the spirits of the land is nestled in the groves and glades of Northeastern Ohio. Theoretically places with simillar climates and environments would have similar spirits, and this part of the United States would be very similar to Western Europe where many of these shrines get their inspiration. Read more

The Typical and Not-so Typical Imbolc Traditions Imbolc is one of those holidays that is easily overlooked.  I admit I don’t usually do a whole lot in observance of this holy night.  It is a festival consisting of rituals of purification and protection.  Due to the weather in the Northern Hemisphere during this time of year it is often a ritual held indoors since it falls in the dead of winter.  This is also a time of fertility and the… Read more

The hand crafted athames of Artes and Craft are arcane works of art. A perfect example of a witch’s relic, of a form and quality recognizable by future scholars and practitioners for many years down the road. Read more

This part of my study on magical artifice and relics of witch power focuses on those individuals who explore occult concepts through their art, creating an alchemical synthesis of material, symbol and spirit. Read more

In addition to the magical tools that we use on a regular basis there are also very special objects that can be added to our magical repetoire. These containers of magical power are highly individualized artifacts created with the inspiration of familiar spirits. Read more

We internalize all of the symbols that we encounter and they become part of our subconscious. Occult symbolism is a type of three dimensional language that allows us to communicate and process nuanced metaphysical topics and spiritual experiences that escape the confines of verbal language. Read more

There are many types of power and many forms it takes, witches work with personal power and environment power as well as other beings. This article focuses on personal power and how it is so easy to lose and difficult to reclaim. Read more

If there was a universal rite of witch-making, what do you think it would look like? I wrote a dedication ritual using this very inspiration, and I think it would be a very simple but powerful ritual of initiation. Read more

This was a reminder of how lucky I feel to be part of the magical community and to feel the support and genuine love that Pagans and fellow practitioners have for one another, it is a feeling of true brother/sisterhood. Read more

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