A few nights ago, I mowed my lawn in the hot summer sun. Before that, I picked up what seemed like an endless supply of sticks and branches. By the time I got inside, cleaned up and met a friend for supper, I was so thirsty. The poor waitress was so sweet the first few times she filled up my glass but I could see it start to wear on her on the fifth or sixth water fill-up. I’m sure… Read more

Imagine if you will an old drive-in movie theater in the middle of the country with all of the lights turned out and everyone gone home. Dark, deserted and spooky; the signs of a classic horror movie. This was exactly where I found myself at 3:30 a.m. Sunday morning. My faithful sidekick Lady sat in the car while I used the only possible lights, my car’s headlights, to look around, keeping an eye on the pitch-black concession stand, an abandoned… Read more

I saw Batman Begins last night after church. I want to say I’ve been waiting for this film for years but really, since the Burton flicks didn’t quite get there, I’ll go ahead and say most of my life (check out the picture for proof – it was my annual birthday cake featuring the dynamic duo)! What a great movie and faithful rendering of my favorite Batman version, the one represented in comics (sorry, Adam!). There are nods to the… Read more

This song has been going through my mind for a little while so I thought I’d share it. It was at my first ever GMA in 1996 when Rich Mullins performed at a late night concert (it was also the first time I saw Third Day). This picture is a souvenir of the night and a prized posession of mine that I’ve shared with members of the band. What drew me to the song is it’s not easy answers but just… Read more

Last night, I had a great opportunity to meet my good buddy Greg Lareveitzear and his two kids, Andrew and SaraJane, for Steven Curtis Chapman’s “All Things New” concert at HiFi Buys Amphitheater in Atlanta. It was a great time! We arrived at the venue and went first of all to a meet and greet with Chris Tomlin and TobyMac, who serenaded SaraJane with “Gone.” Greg asked him if he was going to do “Yo Ho Ho” which is a… Read more

I saw a great concert last night at Tennessee Temple University featuring Sarah Groves, Bebo Norman and Fernando Ortega. All three of them make beautiful music and it was a nice fit to put them all together in concert. None of them are really rock acts but more laid back and acoustic. So the concert was pretty much like that. It was one of the more reserved concerts I’ve been to and that’s necessarily a bad thing. It’s kind of… Read more

As usual, D-Day was pretty slow for most everyone. Since the Doves are like the prom or something, everyone cuts out of Nashville around noon and artists are hardly anywhere to be seen. I did have an early interview with rock group Pillar after I left the Word New Music Seminar (where I heard from Big Daddy Weave, BarlowGirl, Mark Shultz and more). Always a highlight of Dove day is hanging out with my good friends Tina and Tonya. This… Read more

I have a few minutes before I have to get ready to roll out of here but I wanted to get this update posted. Tuesday was the longest day so far for me. I got up early and went through interview after interview: Third Day, Casting Crowns, Ginny Owens, Billy Gillman, Carried Away, Derek Webb, Avalon (pictured), and more. They were very good interviews and several of them could have lasted much longer if we let them. I later tried… Read more

Today was another good day of GMA. The nice thing is I have learned how to be productive with interviews and I have also learned how to say no. So I didn’t have as many today, but I did get to spend some good time with Ashley Cleveland, Sarah Kelly, Karl Messner (Apologetix), Mark Stuart (Audio Adrenaline), BarlowGirl and Shawn McDonald, whose disc is one of my favorites from this year.  Of course, the biggie of the day was speaking… Read more

Today was a good day for interviews. I spoke to Nichole Nordeman this morning and Amy Grant this afternoon. Both spoke about their upcoming projects that release in May. Amy’s is finished and Nichole’s is almost there.When I was a teenager, Amy’s Unguarded was the first Christian tape I ever bought. My stereo was filled with the current pop music and when “Find A Way” hit mainstream radio, I thought “if that’s good enough for Star 94, it’s good enough… Read more

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