‘Punk Rock Girl’ an endearing mistake

Did anybody else notice that in the Dead Milkmen's most 'popular' song, they name-checked the wrong band?The Dead Milkmen'Punk Rock Girl'www.youtube.com/embed/ZyaK3jo4Sl4?Okay, so they were idiots... 'California Dreamin' wasn't really a Beach Boys song, rather, it was by the Mamas and the Papas. Much later, a re-recording of that song by some of the Beach Boys did actually emerge.So DM has some splainin' to do. But still. Look at this godless masterpiece!The Dead … [Read more...]

Davila 666 – ‘Por Vivir’ | can anyone translate?

I'm in love with this band, Davila 666. I'm certain all of their lyrics apply directly to my life. Trouble is, I have no clue what their lyrics are or what they mean. HELP!Spanishdict.com says 'Vivir' translates to:1. To have life, to live; to enjoy life. (n)2.To live, to continue, to last, to keep. (n)3.To have the means of supporting life. (n)4.To live; emphatically, to enjoy happiness. (n)5.To live, to pass life in a certain manner. (n)6.To be remembered, to enjoy fame … [Read more...]

Church sign: “An atheist is a…” HAHAHAHAHA

Perhaps the 'rare double fail' isn't all that rare.Obviously the intended message itself is so dumb that it nearly comes off as a compliment. Sorry, Jen McCreight, Stefanie Svan, Ophelia Benson, Greta Christina, half of my readers, etc... apparently you aren't atheists. If you're depressed about the demotion, you can always go to the invisible support group (there's one right by this sign).This is real. It's not from some meme-site. Thanks for the picture, C.H. in New Bern, NC!"An a … [Read more...]

Operation: Human Shield – chaplain combat training photos

Chaplains from the California Army National Guard posted some pictures from 'combat training' on their Facebook page.For those unfamiliar, chaplains in the US Military are non-combatants and do not carry a weapon. Each chaplain has a 'chaplain's assistant', who may protect them in combat. However, modern chaplains are specifically ordered to stay off the front lines.'Leapfrogging'? More like, 'Frogger'It is definitely important to run towards cover / concealment. But chaplains are … [Read more...]

Army Chaplains accidentally using the ‘wrong’ pledge on Facebook

The California Army National Guard Chaplains' Facebook page has a lot of goofy pictures. This one is classic.Click to embiggen. The comments there are priceless. They are preserved below the fold in case of sudden deletion. … [Read more...]

You sniff the reeking buns of angels

Broken hearts are for assholes. Don't believe me? Ask Frank!www.youtube.com/embed/AYQs2rRnJYY?Lyrics NSFW. … [Read more...]

I’m being ‘infantile’ because ‘I want to murder christians’

James Delts read my blog post about a ridiculous person claiming that atheists were on the verge of publicly executing all the Christians in America. He weighed in with this blistering anecdote:what a shower of bigots you are. Some here have even demanded they that christians be murdered here, so thats it, its ok just to murder someone because they have different beliefs and disagree with abortion, so you can be entertained. How the hell can you call for people to be killed? I thought you … [Read more...]

Heroic whistle-blower in Army’s mandatory candlelight prayer scandal

800 junior soldiers attended mandatory suicide-prevention training, and were given plastic battery-powered candles. A chaplain talked for a while, telling the soldiers they must turn to god to keep themselves going in tough times. Eventually he dimmed the lights and instructed everyone to turn on their candles. The chaplain then lead them in a sectarian prayer to his lord and his heavenly father.The vast majority of the 800 soldiers are fresh out of boot camp, and are being trained in the … [Read more...]