Wild Goose 2012: Jesus, Bayard Rustin, & Walter Wink Live!

http://www.flickr.com/photos/northlincs/4715349412/Once again I left the freaking hot, dry, arid, climes of my home in Boulder, CO to head into the freaking, hot humid ones of the deep south to attend the 2nd annual Wild Goose Festival at the Shakori Hills Campgrounds south of Durham, NC. And, once again, I was enlivened, enriched, inspired, and renewed.While it’s an arts and music infused gathering of kindred spirits, it’s more than a “progressive Christian Woodstock” — it’s evidence … [Read more...]

Freedom Ride 2012: Get on the Bus!

It's been said that "the micro is the macro." If you look at something in particular, you are looking at a microcosm of things that are strikingly similar on a larger scale. The state of North Carolina is a specific state that may be said to portray the United States as a whole. I could of course point out examples of that state's gorgeous and diverse geographic beauty, its gorgeous and diverse flora and fauna; and its gorgeous and diverse people -- and then go on to show how this is a … [Read more...]

A Pastoral Letter to the United Methodist Church

A pastoral letter to the United Methodist Church:My people are meeting with their people and all of those people are God’s people. The United Methodist Church’s General Conference is being held this week in Tampa, FL and lay and clergy delegates of many stripes and persuasions are engaging in “holy conferencing”– and unfortunately of a lot of realpolitiking too. The delegates were elected to represent United Methodists in each of the “Annual Conferences” (regions of the country and the world) … [Read more...]

A Kinder, Gentler, More Grown-Up Easter

In yo face Devil! Take that forces of evil!Look whose laughing now! Ding Dong the witch is dead!We fart in your general direction! Sike! … Such has become the way that many of the world’s Christians have come to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection on Easter. We’ve allowed the ways of the world to infuse our beliefs and we end up fighting fire with fire. Employing the world’s ways against it.Once our religion became the official religion of the Roman empire, followers of the non-violent J … [Read more...]

Resurrection People!

A Progressive Easter SermonThis world is a tough place to live.And parts of it are really tough. Places like Antarctica with it's frigid cold; the top of mountains with their thin air; desserts with their lack of water and vegetation; the oceans with their tidal waves, hurricanes, etc. - places like these are pretty inhospitable to humans.But it's not just these sorts of extreme places that are hard to live in. The regular parts of the world are tough too. We learn this as … [Read more...]

Dust Bunnies, You & God

You may’ve noticed something yesterday.That is, if you weren’t too busy to notice.If you weren’t too busy cocooning yourself off from the rest of the worldby texting while you were driving,or walking along the sidewalks looking down at a little screen on your phone.Or if you weren’t so overly cloistered among an obscenely small clique oflike-minded, like bodied, hyper-allergenic, hyper-feng-shuied chums. What you may’ve noticedis dust. More specif … [Read more...]